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Expressing Love to Someone Who is Suicidal

expressing love to the suicidal

Suicidal people are humans too, needing love from other humans. Taking away some of the stigmas of suicide and viewing the suicidal as precious lovely people, real people, we can express unconditional love. Instead of ONLY passing off the difficult situation to someone else’s responsibility, can we also look at our own resources that we can give to those during a crisis.

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Showing Up For Ourselves

Layers and layers of struggles come with chronic illness. We may get so ill that we need the help of others and some will show up and some will not. We may need the insight of certain doctors or maybe the wisdom of people with natural approaches. They may or may not show up to help. When all is said and done, we have to show up for ourselves. During the journey of chronic illness, we get to watch ourselves rise above all odds and be there for ourselves in so many ways that we never imagined. Continue reading Showing Up For Ourselves