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Momentary Stuckness

Stuckness is probably not a real word but it is a reality when we get stuck. No point in pretending we don’t get stuck at times, most of us do. Chronic illness comes back to bite us at times when we least expect it. That is when we just stop, rest, regroup and try again, later. Physically our bodies do not always keep up with our desires in life. I do not have to like it but I choose to accept it and let my body rest until it is ready to try again. Continue reading Momentary Stuckness

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Depression Blues go Orange

The color yellow (and orange) help with depression blues. Whether it is the yellow sun, a yellow pineapple, juicy oranges or essential oils of citrus, it lifts the blues immediately. If you don’t believe me, try it.  Continue reading Depression Blues go Orange

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Lean Into It

How do you drive your vehicle? Have you noticed that when you are driving on a curve that speeding up just a little actually helps you keep control of your vehicle? You might not have noticed. Maybe you have never tried it. The next time you are on a curve just slightly speed up and notice the control issue. Also try taking your foot off of the gas and feel how much harder it is to control the vehicle. I do not suggest placing your foot on the brake while in a curve, it is harder to control your vehicle. Leaning into a curve at full speed (safely using the speed limit) seems backwards but helps you ride the curve with more control and ease. Life is that way. It is going to happen anyway so you might as well lean into it so you get better results.  Continue reading Lean Into It

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Just Keep Moving Forward

No matter what, just keep moving forward. If you have a goal, keep moving towards it. If you are sick and so sick of being sick and you are too frustrated to have a goal, move forward anyway. Even when we do not always feel like we are making any progress whatsoever, when we put one foot in front of the other, no matter how small the step, we really are moving forward.  Continue reading Just Keep Moving Forward

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Drink Your Watermelon

Summertime provides an abundance of watermelons. Usually, our bodies adapt well to eating things that are in season. We are used to eating them cut up, using a fork or spoon. Have you tried drinking your watermelon? It is sweet and refreshing. Add some lemon or lime and some fresh mint and it is fabulous. Add coconut milk and you won’t get the blood-sugar spike and you will have a creamy watermelon delight. Recipe below. Continue reading Drink Your Watermelon

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Less Light, Better Sleep

Our bodies need quality sleep. The better our sleep the better we function during the day.  As we get quality sleep, our chronic illness and pain can heal deeper and more quickly. When we have no control over the light in our bedrooms, slipping a sleep-mask on can darken the lightest of rooms. It feels odd at first but once you get used to it, the mask becomes a best friend. Continue reading Less Light, Better Sleep

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Hair Brain Idea

I have this hair brain idea – why don’t we brush our hair more often for better brains!! Brushing and combing our hair gets the blood flowing through our brain better which gets us thinking better which gets us moving towards greater health. Why wouldn’t we want to do this? It is so easy it is almost ridiculous. You can comb your hair in less than a minute to take a break from the computer. Gets the blood flowing better and you can get right back to concentrating harder at work.  Continue reading Hair Brain Idea

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Nose Above Water

When you fight the troubles that come with life, you can drown in them. How many times have you heard not to fight the person rescuing you when you are drowning? There is no possible way that anyone can have a perfectly happy life all of the time. There will be troubles, I can promise that one. Learning how to relax into these troubles make them easier to bear. So bob your nose above water, stop fighting, and relax into it. Continue reading Nose Above Water

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Enough Headaches Already!

It is a rare human that does not have an occasional headache.  Bad headaches have been a part of my entire life. This last three weeks I have had one long headache with spikes of pain that sent me to my knees. It feels like I have lost 3 weeks of my life. I logically know that I have not but it sure feels like I have accomplished absolutely nothing for 3 full weeks. Now that I am starting to come out of the headache I am starting to look back on this time frame and determine what actually did occur besides pain. There just has to be something positive I can declare from the last 3 weeks.

Continue reading Enough Headaches Already!

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No one can take away our attitude

Waking up to mornings with a smile on our face, sunshine, and flowers seems like a good way to start the day. Regardless of what happens next in life, getting started with a good attitude helps. When we are ill and stuck in bed we can ponder the meaning of life with a smile on our face. What is life really about? Is life about what happens to you or about how you respond to it? As you well know, life is going to happen to you regardless of your attitude. Through anything you can imagine life still clicks away; illness, disease, pain, people, war, imprisonment, bankruptcy, employment or unemployment, relationships, adversity, and oppression. The list is endless and the fact remains, how we respond to life will always be more important than what we are faced with, flat on our back sick or not. So what can we do about life’s twists and turns?

Continue reading No one can take away our attitude