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Change Your Brain, Change Your Health

No this is not about having enough positive thoughts to make everything better. Nor is it about you choosing your success through sheer willpower. Sometimes NONE of that has anything to do with our brain health. Our brains have taken a direction of their own and we know something is wrong. Question your own thoughts, they may not be yours. NFL players are taking charge of this concept, so can the chronically ill.

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Hair Brain Idea

I have this hair brain idea – why don’t we brush our hair more often for better brains!! Brushing and combing our hair gets the blood flowing through our brain better which gets us thinking better which gets us moving towards greater health. Why wouldn’t we want to do this? It is so easy it is almost ridiculous. You can comb your hair in less than a minute to take a break from the computer. Gets the blood flowing better and you can get right back to concentrating harder at work.  Continue reading Hair Brain Idea