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No one can take away our attitude

Waking up to mornings with a smile on our face, sunshine, and flowers seems like a good way to start the day. Regardless of what happens next in life, getting started with a good attitude helps. When we are ill and stuck in bed we can ponder the meaning of life with a smile on our face. What is life really about? Is life about what happens to you or about how you respond to it? As you well know, life is going to happen to you regardless of your attitude. Through anything you can imagine life still clicks away; illness, disease, pain, people, war, imprisonment, bankruptcy, employment or unemployment, relationships, adversity, and oppression. The list is endless and the fact remains, how we respond to life will always be more important than what we are faced with, flat on our back sick or not. So what can we do about life’s twists and turns?

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