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Lean Into It

How do you drive your vehicle? Have you noticed that when you are driving on a curve that speeding up just a little actually helps you keep control of your vehicle? You might not have noticed. Maybe you have never tried it. The next time you are on a curve just slightly speed up and notice the control issue. Also try taking your foot off of the gas and feel how much harder it is to control the vehicle. I do not suggest placing your foot on the brake while in a curve, it is harder to control your vehicle. Leaning into a curve at full speed (safely using the speed limit) seems backwards but helps you ride the curve with more control and ease. Life is that way. It is going to happen anyway so you might as well lean into it so you get better results. 

What would happen if we just simply leaned into it? Whether it is chronic illness or any of life’s troubles at the moment, see what happens when you lean into it. Most likely there are a ton of circumstances that are out of your control and there is nothing you can do about those. Stressing about it all is not going to get you anywhere. Trying to get control of things that are far beyond your reach is useless. You most likely will crash and burn! Yet when we lean into the troubles and the illness that can come with life, we find a more peaceful ride. Lean into the curve and feel the ride instead of the crash.

Street Racer

Not all of life’s rides are fun, that is just life. So practice with driving or riding in a vehicle. Do it safely and wisely. As you learn to feel the ride, feel the curves, feel the flow instead of fighting it, you will be able to practice that with life. Walking through chronic illness, you will have lots of rides. Each day is a new adventure. When we treat it like a long road trip and take the curves, hills and valleys leaning into them, we tend to make out better.

2017-08-25cBLOG-AW-bigstock--140228711Hang on and go with it, lean into it. Notice how a child handles the rides of life. They tend to “ride” with more ease. Have you watched a child while on a curvy road? They naturally lean into every curve and the sharper the curve the more they smile. Children are great teachers.


How is your ride going? Are you leaning into it or are you fighting it?

Maribeth Baxter, MBEC

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