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The Best Dreams Come With OBSTACLES

The only dreams I know about that do not come with obstacles are the ones in Hollywood. As you work through your dreams, you will come across obstacles. It will slow you down, make you wonder, make you mad and for some of us, will make us fight even harder for what we want.  Continue reading The Best Dreams Come With OBSTACLES

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Setting Your Dream into Action

Now that you have a dream, one you really REALLY want, what do you do with it? How do you get a plan into action? Some people take baby steps and others put the rubber to the road and go full speed. The step of action is the hardest part for most. What is it that makes some take action and fulfill their dreams?  Continue reading Setting Your Dream into Action

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Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action

Sounds so simple. I have had more dreams than one person should have been allowed. Dreaming is fun. That truly is the easy part. Setting goals and taking action is where it gets a little sticky. We have to be realistic and at the same time be willing to extend ourselves to be able to reach those fantastic dreams of ours. So, what is realistic?  Continue reading Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action

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Hand Write a Thank You

When was the last time you pulled out a paper and pen and hand wrote a thank you note? It does not happen much anymore. Through illness, we have many opportunities to be thankful for every little act of kindness that comes our way. It is an act of gratitude that can brighten your day as well as the recipients. Continue reading Hand Write a Thank You

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What Floats YOUR Boat?

What exactly floats your boat? Do you even know after years of struggling with a chronic illness? Your interests might have changed after a journey of illness and you might not know it. Explore your options. Examine your dreams. It is fun to do this whether you are at the end of your journey with chronic illness or still in the heat of the battle. Dive in, see what floats your boat. Continue reading What Floats YOUR Boat?

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Sleep Struggles

The “how-to” sleep articles are all helpful but I am struggling with sleep again. How do we know which sleep articles to follow? It is taking some methodical manipulation to conquer quality sleep. Everyone is so different and circumstances are different that there is no black-and-white list that applies to all. Quality sleep is so crucial to healing from a chronic illness that I am willing to stop, regroup, and figure this out. When all else fails, use my brain!! Continue reading Sleep Struggles

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Stop the Roller-Coaster-Ride of Chronic Illness

How does one get off the roller-coaster-ride of chronic illness and pain? If I could put the answer in a pill I would be a billionaire overnight. There are too many who are suffering through this miserable ride.  Healthy people who have not experienced this ride cannot begin to imagine. Instead of trying to make others understand, let’s look at ways to get off the ride in an attempt to find some steady ground.  Continue reading Stop the Roller-Coaster-Ride of Chronic Illness

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Momentary Stuckness

Stuckness is probably not a real word but it is a reality when we get stuck. No point in pretending we don’t get stuck at times, most of us do. Chronic illness comes back to bite us at times when we least expect it. That is when we just stop, rest, regroup and try again, later. Physically our bodies do not always keep up with our desires in life. I do not have to like it but I choose to accept it and let my body rest until it is ready to try again. Continue reading Momentary Stuckness