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No time for a healthy lunch?

When you feel like you have no time for a healthy lunch try this. Open your refrigerator and grab anything logical for this quick, sweet and satisfying healthy fast meal. 

Circadian Rhythm

Today I ran out of time for lunch. High noon is when I try to eat my largest meal. It digests, metabolizes and assimilates best at high noon.


Honestly, I had no interest in food but knew I needed my quota of nourishment to keep me going. I did not want food cravings and over-eating later in the evening because I had not eaten earlier.

Fast Food

I went to my refrigerator, opened it with very little interest in food. My stomach was growling but I had things to do. I know better than to skip lunch. When I skip lunch I get stressed because my body did not get what it requires and my brain knows I will pay the price later. Easier to stop and spend 15 minutes to solve the issue.

Refrigerator Treasures:

2017-11-09bBLOG-AW-MB pixMango – A mango I had put in the frig to keep it from ripening any more. That would be my sugar/sweetener. That would start my idea for a smoothie that would be satisfying and worth the trouble of interrupting my day.

Coconut Milk – Was also found in my frig. I had not used the whole can the prior day. I put the extra into a glass container and stored it in the frig. Needs to be used so this is great!! Now I have my fat source to help me feel satiated.

Frozen Blackberries – My curiosity took me to the freezer. I had a couple stashes of frozen blackberries. When I bought them fresh I had too many. I froze the extras in individual containers just for a day like today.

Ok, now I have the quick items I need. They will help me use up what I already have. I pulled out my high-speed blender and got those three ingredients in there.

Pantry Treasures:

Now what? I never miss an opportunity to hide any nutrients and superfoods in anything I can. To the pantry I go. I keep a square bucket of these dry goods so that I don’t have to look for anything. I pulled out the bucket and this is what I chose.

Protein Powder – Always a good idea in any meal to help satiate you so you will most likely not overeat later. Use a quality protein that does not have hidden sugar in it or other harmful additives.

Wheat Grass Powder – There is debate over wheat grass and gluten sensitivity. One side says it will cause a reaction to those who have a gluten sensitivity. The other side has an argument that it will not because wheatgrass is the beginning of the plant, not the mature plant with the particular gluten protein that interferes with a gluten sensitivity.

At the moment I am gluten-free but choose to give this a test try. It has been 3 years without any gluten and I recently purchased one bag to test out what is best for my body. You get to be your own bio-hacker and see what works best for your body. Get educated and experiment.

Pomegranate Powder – High in vitamin C and other nutrients and tastes good. And it is pink!!

Measure, or not…

The only thing I measured was the protein powder. I know that the wheatgrass is very strong so I dumped about 1 teaspoon in. The number of blackberries was perfect because I had already measured it out by making small packages for the freezer. It was approximately 3/4 cup. Hit the power button and let the magic happen.

2017-11-09cBLOG-AW-MB pixAbsolutely wonderful. Very sweet and filling.  It helped me clean out my refrigerator/freezer and the preparation time took less than 15 minutes, including washing out the blender container.

Creating a meal that quickly allowed me to stop stressing over it and take several deep breaths before I sat down and drank it. Thoroughly enjoyed every drop.

I do not have time, patience or interest in looking up recipes for every meal I make. As I have lived this natural lifestyle I have learned what I like, what works for me and how to make as many shortcuts as possible.

Keeping only pure food and ingredients in my home creates healthier choices. Everything I purchase is either, organic, grass-fed or wild caught. It is rare to have other ingredients in my home.

The purer the food, the healthier the food, the healthier we are.

You can do this! In the morning before work, you can make this and place it in a glass container, keep cool and drink for lunch. If your workplace has a kitchen use the refrigerator and store a blender there for fresh smoothies. Create a lunch environment that works for you.

What are your tricks for eating healthy in a rush?

Maribeth Baxter, MBEC

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