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Anxiety & Depression Relief

anxiety and depression

It is extremely common to have anxiety and depression during chronic illness and pain. Sometimes the anxiety and depression can be more debilitating than the illness itself. The situation of illness including anxiety and depression can become a loop that is hard to get out of. The illness causes physical issues that can cause anxiety and depression which isolates us causing more depression which makes us physically sicker which creates more anxiety and-on-and on it goes. Very difficult loop to get out of but it can be done.

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Magnesium for Depression

Are you one of the 17.3 million American adults who are depressed? Or one of the 350 million believed affected worldwide with depression? Chances are if you have a chronic illness, you are one of them. May sound too good to be true but magnesium deficiency is so common and it is so inexpensive it can be used for depression.

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Guys, Dig Roses!

Guys, have you considered buying your lady a rose bush instead of store-bought roses? Are you aware of the difference in scent and beauty? Are you aware that one bush can yield dozens of yearly roses, year after year? Did you know that one plant costs less than 6 store-bought roses? Did you know that YOU will be remembered and given credit for each and every rose that bush produces? Rose bushes can take as much or as little care as you are willing to put into them and still produce beautiful roses. The benefits are something to consider. The clincher is that you can buy them at your local hardware store or big-box home improvement store. Many of you are already there so you are running out of excuses. Dig a hole next to your door or in a pot and make your lady happy. Gals, do this for yourself as a treat. Easy and rewarding.

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