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Relax in YOUR Cabin

Chronic illness and pain create so much stress that at some point we need to find a way to relax and chill. Many of you love cruises and can relax that way. I am not a cruise loving fan so I find other ways to dream about relaxing. A cabin in the mountains on a lake is my idea of a grand chill. Continue reading Relax in YOUR Cabin

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The whole world is still in your hands during illness

We live on a planet with more places to visit and live than we could ever get to in a whole lifetime. It is almost limitless. Visiting different geographical locations helps to change our perspective. It is also healthy to explore far beyond our house and beyond our home cities. Great, now how in this big world does one figure out how to get past the front door when you have chronic illness and pain and there is no physical way to get anywhere past the four walls of your own home? No matter how big your house is, there is only so much you can take of it when you are looking at the same four walls year after year. There is always a way to explore and get out of our own four walls. Be adventuresome and explore the possibilities.

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