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Lemon Water Detox

Now that we are exposed to toxins through our food/air/water, detoxification is a modern-day necessity. It is amazing what water and lemon can do to detox our bodies very gently but effectively. “When life gives you a lemon, slice it in half, squeeze the juice into a glass of water and drink it first thing in the morning.” I don’t know who said it but I love it!!! Continue reading Lemon Water Detox

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Clean up our Tap Water

It is time to accept that here in America, our water needs to be cleaned up. Our drinking water usually looks crystal clear, most of us have modern homes with modern shiny clean faucets, and we are told that our water is fine for consumption. Then there is the reality. Our water systems are plagued with problems and we are ingesting threatening chemicals and depleting our bodies of pure hydration. It is not as bleak as it sounds. Modern technology coupled with common sense and there is a very inexpensive solution that we can all do to take responsibility for our own drinking water source.  Continue reading Clean up our Tap Water