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Check out this Unique Training

psychology of eating, we need more than "eat this or that"

The old approach to dieting isn’t working. Health coaching needs a makeover. We need more than eat this, not that. That’s what makes this Training stand apart from the rest. A Mind Body Eating Coach helps clients rethink food in an empowering way. I don’t want you to miss the opportunity to attend the free online workshop.

The Ultimate Health Coach:
The 3 Keys to Turning Your Passion for Healing into Professional Success

My colleague, Marc David of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating will be hosting this unique workshop.

It’s all about how you can empower yourself and others using the practical tools and strategies from their new, breakthrough approach to weight, body image, overeating, emotional eating, binge eating, endless dieting, digestion, mood, fatigue and more.

==> Join the free workshop!

You’ll come away with exactly what you need to know to launch a rewarding career in this cutting edge field.

Here’s just some of what they’ll cover:

  • NEW strategies for breaking free from problems with food, body & health
  • The 3 Keys to being a successful health coach
  • How to make a great living while truly helping others in a meaningful way
  • Real case studies about the impact of this work
  • How you can be part of this powerful new movement
  • And a special opportunity you won’t want to miss!

If you’re at all curious about a new career opportunity OR you’re an already practicing helping professional looking to expand your skills, I hope you join in.

Interested in health coaching? Take the breakthrough approach with Eating Psychology.

The Ultimate Health Coach:
The 3 Keys to Turning Your Passion for Healing into Professional Success

Enjoy the free online workshop!

Feel free to contact me about my experience going through this certification process with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating with Marc David. I would be happy to speak with you!!!

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