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A Lemon A Day

Lemonade and sunshine, what a refreshing thought. Have you ever tried daily lemon water to see how it feels for your body? Most of us have read the basic benefits of lemon water. So why don’t most of us drink it daily? Are you willing to take the 14-Day Lemon Water Challenge? Download free challenge…

Why would you NOT take this challenge? Lemonade is SO tasty. Lemons also provide incredible cleansing abilities adding vitality to our bodies. Lemons are low in calories (about 29 per 100 grams) and high in vitamin C (30-40 mg per lemon).

One piece of paper and a pencil to take basic notes for 14 days, it is that simple. Do not make any other changes to your diet or lifestyle during this time so that you can discover the changes in your body. I highly recommend organic lemons. The extra cost is made up of extra taste and nutrients. I have done this for years, occasionaly taking breaks.

Seize the day — Squeeze the day…


Detox/cleansing: Citric acid in lemons helps your body naturally flush out unwanted toxins. Lemon water increases your urine amount. Lemons also help the liver’s function of filtering out unwanted toxins. All of which lower the number of toxins in our body.

Alkalizing pH: Lemon water helps to alkalize your pH levels in your body. This is the process of neutralizing acid in the body. Sounds backward when we usually associate lemons with acid but lemons actually neutralize the acid. Home pH strips help you monitor your pH levels so you stay within normal ranges (not required for this challenge).

Improve Digestion: Improved digested is primarily caused by citrus flavonoids, especially if the water is warm. These citrus flavonoids assist the hydrochloric acid in the stomach in breaking down food. Along with being a great digestive tonic, warm lemon water suppresses appetite. A great trick I have used for years when eating-out is ordering a cup of hot water and a few lemon slices. Sipping on that before a restaurant meal has great benefits.

Skin/wrinkles: Benefits can be arrived at by both drinking lemon water and applying it topically. Since lemons are high in antioxidants, they provide anti-aging properties. Patting lemon water on the face works or add lemon juice to your favorite mask or Greek yogurt to apply to the face, avoiding the eyes.

Have I convinced you yet that daily lemon water is worth a try? I have not even touched on the benefits of lemon essential oils or how to clean your house with the lemons. There are endless uses for lemons and lemon rinds. My used lemon rinds keep the cats out of my garden. There is always a use for a lemon.

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14-Day Lemon Water Challenge

  • Purchase 14 organic lemons. They will last in the refrigerator, 2-week maximum
  • Try not to use sugar. If you need to, use something like organic stevia, coconut sugar, or raw organic honey to sweeten
  • Do NOT consume the seeds
  • The juice of one lemon to 16-32 ounces of water works well
  • First thing in the morning is best time to help flush toxins built up overnight – It is also when we are the most thirsty and usually don’t realize it
  • Keep a short log of your daily observations on how you feel and your health
  • Do this a minimum of 14 days

How To Squeeze Citrus

There are a number of ways you can squeeze citrus. I own and use every one of these – LOVE them…

And never forget…when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

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