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Asking Why Not, Instead of Why

healing... why not?

Chronic illness has kicked our bums, wiped us out, destroyed our lives, relationships and finances. It is easy to ask “WHY the heck did it happen” and more importantly “WHY did it happen to me.” Very logical and reasonable questions. What about the WHY NOT? Why can I NOT find my way through chronic illness? Why can I NOT see hope? Why can I NOT breakthrough these health barriers? Is this really NOT possible? I actually have the WHY NOT answer and have applied it with victories galore. You too can do this…

During this day-and-age, it is more common to have a chronic illness/illnesses and underlying health problems than not. To me, that is a scary reality. Too many people are becoming progressively sicker and sicker. This is the first time in history that we might likely outlive our children, because of rampant disease. Some are walking time bombs. I was one of those times bombs.

As I am coming out the other end of the chaos and near death experiences from health issues, I finally have eyes to see this in a different light.

I vividly remember my last health crash that started 7 years ago. I moved into a black mold apartment and it immediately hit me hard. Everything in my body crashed. The lifelong untreated neurological Lyme went WILD. The co-infections became quite prevalent. The mold itself was shutting down my lungs and blew up my body with inflammation. My brain shut down. My organs were struggling. My lifelong heart condition got crazy scary.

Why me?

Why now?

Why did this have to happen?

What did I do that deserved this?

You know, you have expressed the same thoughts. This is beyond tough stuff to experience. As many of you have shared your stories with me, this actually is not uncommon with those in the chronic illness community.

As I struggled to stay alive, through all the heart failure, through all the mold and Lyme and thyroid issues that were sucking the life out of me faster than I could process a single thought, I could only question WHY.

My brain shut down, physically. My health was so bad that I had trouble forming whole sentences. I couldn’t process words much less a full thought to make a sentence. I got lost in a town 10 miles from my home. My brain was shot.

It was not until I resolved the mold issue that my brain started to activate again…

That was when I started asking… Well, WHY NOT??? There is no reason why I do NOT have the ability to heal.

Just because the mainstream medical world (and society) says I am a lost cause, why do I have to believe that???

Why can I NOT have healing from this disastrous health crash??? I think I can.

I know my Creator and I know I was created with a body to heal, given the right support. So logically, why can I NOT heal??? I think I can.

It was what everyone else was saying that created the barriers. It took me thinking MY thoughts, not there’s, to rise above and start believing that I could heal. No matter what my odds were, I could heal. No matter what every single doctor had said, they were wrong, I knew that there was a way to heal from all this. No matter that I did not have one human to support my thinking process, I knew I could heal.

Why NOT??? Shutting out all the noise from others, society, mainstream medical and media, EVERYONE, shutting it all out and only using my own thinking — there is no reason why I can NOT heal, given the proper support.

I wasn’t getting “support” from humans, in any shape or form. It took focus. It took courage and grit. It took tuning out everyone and everything to believe that healing was possible.

It took the WHY NOT question to create the belief that I could possibly heal.

As I started asking myself the WHY NOT question, I developed the belief system inside of myself. Then I built on that.

Other’s Have Healed, So Can I (YOU too)

Healing is a tricky word. I am not talking about medical healing. I am talking about lifestyle healing. If we do not change our lifestyles, we won’t heal our bodies. Here, healing refers to supporting the body in numerous ways, not medical healing. I am not a medical doctor, I don’t do medical healing or make any such claims.

on the story goes…

When I was at death’s door I sought out stories of how others have healed from near-death experiences from illnesses of all sorts. There were a few stories out there and they gave me hope.

Dr. Jay Davidson’s wife, Heather, was one of them. I heard her Lyme and twice near-death story for the first time several years ago. I kept listening to Dr. Jay repeat the story while I was in my crisis. I recently met her in person, ate lunch with her, and received her gratitude for having lived through her 2 near-death experiences. It radiated out of her. Granted, Dr. Jay is now world renown and known as the Lyme Doc and is now one of two co-founders of Cell Core Biosciences.

Dr. Todd Watt’s health story resembles mine, very closely. He too healed by supporting his body. Okay, so he has an intelligence level that is light-years above most of us. He is the one who started the Mimosa Pudica (Para 1) movement and is one of two co-founders of CellCore Biosciences.

Okay, so you are not a doctor, you are not married to the Lyme Doc and you don’t have the knowledge or resources that Drs Jay and Health Davidson or Dr. Todd Watts had. So what. You too can still have the “WHY can I NOT be one who also heals” attitude.

Here is an average Joe story…

It was right before my 100% heart blockage experience that I read a story about a man who was that ill and recovered. No clue the details or who he was. The part that I remember is that he had a heart attack during a winter storm. He was alone in his home. Streets were impassable so there was no one driving by to even try to get help. Phones were down because of the weather. He CRAWLED to the mailbox when the mailman normally would be passing through, praying the mailman would treck the storm with the mail that day, on foot. He wanted to live. He had a family he wanted to live for. He believed that it was not the end. He was rescued. He healed. He lived to continue to enjoy his family and his life.

With stories of others survival in my heart and mind — I had 100% heart blockage in my ascending aorta and EVERY organ had shut down to 2% function, including both carotid arteries. I had already started to get that deathly green tinge to my skin. I had no oxygen or blood flowing through my body. Yet, I still believed that there was hope. I knew it in my soul, even though I could not articulate it, could not understand it, could not put my finger on it, there was still hope.

Still breathing, THERE IS STILL HOPE.


Why is this so incredibly hard to believe? We really can heal our bodies in “impossible situations” — given the right support.

When I had 100% heart blockage, it was a bit stressful!! My body had curled up because it was not getting oxygen or blood flow. Couldn’t stand up straight or even sit up. All my tendons and ligaments were frozen, shut down, curled up because I was literally dying. I still took the itty bitty tiny baby steps that it took to get my body to the vascular scientist who knew how to save my life during the emergency. I just had to believe that it was possible or I would not have taken the bajillion itty bitty tiny baby steps to walk into her office to be saved. My RESTING heart rate was 176. Both carotid arteries were shut down to 1% functioning.

Impossible, sure. But WHY NOT??

Medically impossible that I lived, yep. Grateful for the miracle, better believe it. But WHY NOT???

Exuberant that I am still alive to tell the story but without my belief in WHY NOT, I do not believe I would have lived through it.

As more and more people live to tell their stories, my hope is that more and more people will start asking WHY NOT? Why is healing supposedly NOT possible? Why should we have to live with such despair? Why can we not see hope in these supposedly hopeless situations???

Support, That WORKS

The “support” that I used to recover my health has been an all-natural protocol. Finally, a protocol that WORKS – CellCore Protocol. It applies the “WHY NOT” and creates a support system that actually works along with other lifestyle healing choices. Stop listening to all the people who say that we are stuck with our genes, stuck with our diseases, and circumstances.

As a CellCore practitioner, I have learned more about health from their training than I have in an entire lifetime living on planet Earth with it’s supposed vast knowledge. Thinking outside the box… heck, they threw away the box and are using their brains and common sense to create products and protocols that WORK.

Supporting the body with what it needs, creates an environment that is unconducive to disease.

That is the key to the whole deal, so let me say this again…

Supporting the body with what it needs, creates an environment that is unconducive to disease.

Illustration #1

To illustrate — I had one of the worse cases of Hashimottos the vascular scientist had ever seen. There I was with 100% heart blockage, etc, etc, etc. and my thyroid was in total chaos. Although, it was a major health problem, it was not my first concern to keep me alive. So I did not choose to treat thyroid/Hashimottos, at all.

I chose to support my body, in every way I possibly could. I had some radiation issues so I needed to take iodine to take some of the radtiation stress off of my heart. That had nothing to do with treating thyroid, it had to do with keeping me alive.

I had been on iodine for the prior few years and it did nothing to resolve the thyroid issues. When this heart crisis happened, I switched to CellCore’s BioActive Iodine (that has a proper ratio of iodide). I knew the proper dosage for Hashimoto’s, I did it, and it completely wiped out ALL thyroid issues without me specifically treating thyroid. My focus was on my heart, keep it beating, not messing with meds for thyroid that would only complicate the health crisis.

Supporting all of my body in all ways I possibly could, clears out issues.

Illustration #2

To illustrate — My poor pitiful heart that had 100% blockage, oh my. No one would even believe it but I have a picture of the high-powered ultrasound proving it. So, how did I “support” the body to get out of that crisis?

The incredible vascular scientist, with 30 years experience at St Judes and MD Anderson hospitals, knew how to save my life on the spot. She was able to open up my 100% blocked ascending aorta enough to get just enough oxygen and blood flowing to keep me alive. No surgery, no toxic drugs. Either would have killed me on the spot. My heart could not take anything else.

With her intervention, I not only survived the incident, I had time to increase support to my body in ways that corrected the problems. I had heart failure so many times that I knew it was now or never. I had to step up the support.

What I chose to use to “support” my body worked. Without ANY prescription medication, without any surgery, no “medical” heart interventions, I am here to say, I am not just alive, my heart has self-corrected. Everything has self-corrected, most issues have completely healed, the others are almost there.

The body is an intricate self-healing fascinating wonder. The ascending aorta is a big deal. Mine was 100% blocked and it now (without mainstream medical intervention) has re-routed what my heart needs so that it works. I am not making this stuff up. Look it up. Our bodies are actually made to do this. I am not the first one to experience it. With proper support, the body can re-route the vascular needs of the human body. Plum fascinating!!

again… Support that WORKS

Natural products that WORK, that support the body. What a novel concept!!!!

Excuse my sarcasm, but WHY THE HECK NOT???

When we believe that our bodies were created to heal, given the right support, then why wouldn’t someone come along and create the products that actually WORK??

Makes sense to me. WHY NOT?

All disease has a root cause, that also makes sense. Get to the root cause by supporting the entire body.

Plug in your disease, does not matter which one it is. All disease has root causes. Get to those root causes by supporting the entire body.

NO, just using the supplements does not cure disease. Healing is an all-encompassing concept. It takes many lifestyle choices to support the body, not just supplements.

I will keep yelling this from the rooftops!!

Creating the WHY NOT Belief

This is where health coaching can be invaluable. This is an area where I shine. If YOU don’t see the WHY NOT, I know how to help you get there. When YOU have the belief that you can heal, then healing has a chance to kick in. Give your body “support” (in many areas )and high-gear healing is possible.

Healing from the soul to the cell. No single supplement can do that. No “perfect diet” can do that. Putting all of our individual needs together AND applying them, living them out, moves us through healing. It is unique to every single person.

Contact me — the first hour is FREE. I get as much out of hearing your story as you benefit from my unique health-coaching. It is a win-win hour for both of us.

As a health coach, I “coach.” I am not here to replace your doctor. I do not diagnose or treat anything. I am here to “coach.” I know how to teach you how to support your body in all kinds of ways. I teach you how to do it so you obtain the skill of self-care, have the tools to implement healthy choices. Have accountability to get through the process.

As a health coach, I always recommend seeking emergency medical care for emergencies. My choices were based on my circumstances and my willingness to take responsibility for MY actions (or inaction). I never recommend my above choices to my clients, too risky.

WHY NOT History

I watch a lot of documentaries. I don’t like TV, don’t watch it.

Today’s documentary was about the Kennedy’s. I watched an old tape of Robert Kennedy quoting George Bernard Shaw. It bowled me over.

People… stop asking why and start asking WHY NOT?

There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?

~ George Bernard Shaw (the debate on who said what)

In history, the people who made a difference asked WHY NOT. They believed in the impossible and they acted on that unseen belief.

Dr. Todd Watts and Dr. Jay Davidson asked, “Why are there NOT natural products to support the human body, THAT WORK.” Granted that is not an exact quote, but close enough. Had they not asked the WHY NOT question and stepped up to create the products that work, I most likely would not be alive today to encourage you to ask the WHY NOT question for yourself.

Be a dreamer, reach for the WHY NOTs!!!

Have hope. Hope is believing in the things we cannot see, but know, without a doubt that they exist.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE:  In order for me to support my blogging and social media activities, I may receive monetary compensation for links to products from this post. However, I only recommend products that I personally love and use myself. If it is not good enough for me, it certainly is not good enough for you!!

HEALTH COACH DISCLAIMER:  Health/Wellness coaching is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition. It is not intended to substitute for the advice, treatment and/or diagnosis of a qualified licensed professional. Trained and certified Health Coaches may not make any medical diagnoses, claims and/or substitute for your personal physician’s care. As your health/wellness coach I do not provide a second opinion or in any way attempt to alter the treatment plans or therapeutic goals/recommendations of your personal physician. It is my role to partner with you to provide ongoing support and accountability as you create an action plan to meet and maintain your health goals.

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