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Rich Creamy Butter is GOOD For Us How?

Have to say I rejoiced when the science-based research finally supported that pure butter is good for us. I love butter. I have fond memories of childhood butter-churning of a favorite aunt and uncle. It tastes SO stinking good and it feels like an immediate comfort food. I lOVE butter. As we are improving our troubleshooting skills, let’s see how butter could actually help our health.

One of the many things I have had wrong with me is my brain. There was a time when I could not put sentences together and I actually got lost in a neighboring town only 10 miles away. It was bad. It was beyond scary.

Have you ever tried to do the research required to find the correct answers to fix your own memory and brain issues? It was beyond difficult, as were most things during those years. The only way out of the mess, for me, was to use my brain to figure it out. Using a broken brain to do this was challenging but I found success.

I Added Butter – Health Benefits Create a Healing Environment

1.   Butter is the most easily absorbable source of vitamin A which supports the thyroid and adrenal glands, and in turn, the cardiovascular system.

2.   Butter doesn’t lead to excess body fat since its short and medium chain fatty acids are burned for quick energy and not stored, and it also gives a feeling of satiety that may decrease cravings and over-eating.

3.   It’s rich in anti-oxidants including vitamins A and E, as well as selenium protecting against heart disease as well as cancer.

4.   Butter is a good source of dietary cholesterol which acts as an anti-oxidant, repairing damage from free radicals caused by rancid fats, vegetable oils and trans fats. Cholesterol is also important for the development of the brain and nervous system in children.

4.   The saturated fat in butter consists of short and medium chain fatty acids which have anti-tumor properties and also strengthen the immune system.

5.   Butter contains conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) which are cancer protective.

7.   When in its raw state and not pasteurized, butter has an anti-stiffness property called the Wulzen factor, that protects against arthritis, cataracts and hardening of the arteries.

8.   Butter is a good source of iodine in a highly absorbable form and necessary for proper thyroid function.

9.   It promotes gastro-intestinal health and decreases rates of diarrhea in children.

10. Butter is a good source of vitamin K2 which prevents tooth decay and builds strong teeth and bones.

Remember that the richest benefits are found in raw butter made from pastured cows.  ~ 10 Healthy Reasons To Enjoy Real Butter

Learn more about the evidence-based health benefits of butter by visiting the GreenMedInfo butter database: Butter Health Benefits.

The biggest thing that changed my brain was introducing healthy pure organic fats into my diet. I was no longer vegetarian by that point so I had no trouble with the concept of butter.

Little by little I learned about the benefits of healthy fats.

Little by little I introduced healthy fats into my diet.

Little by little I changed my life-long messaging that fats are bad for us.

Little by little I clearly saw the difference in my memory and overall brain functioning.

This did not change overnight. I had to accept that I was so depleted of healthy fats that this was going to take some time. As I felt the differences taking place in my brain and memory, I was able to experiment with different fats.

Coconut oil was the first science-based research that I found so I tried it first

MCT oil (Brain Octane Oil by far worked best for me) was highly recommended by the doctors that I trust the most

Butter came quickly to my table because it is an all-time favorite food of mine (most grocery stores now carry Kerrygold Irish Pure Butter)

Coconut milk and coconut cream started appearing in every meal I prepared, from smoothies to cream sauces

Those are my go-to’s that work for me. The transformation still amazes me. I no longer get lost within an hour radius of my home. I no longer lose words so I cannot make a sentence. I no longer forget even my own name. Talk about embarrassing!!! I would stumble on my own name at times.

I still have a few stumbling blocks that I may or may not overcome in time.

  • I still reach for some basic words that refuse to appear when I need them
  • I still get stuck on some names, but not my own anymore!!!
  • My memory time-line is still highly messed up, I cannot consistently correctly put things on a correct timeline
  • I speak slower than I ever have because I do not have the ability to speak faster, my brain does not process my thoughts into words that I can spit out any faster

I have to remind myself how far I have come, not that there are still a few issues. For me, the healthy fats worked with so much success that I speak on this often.

Childhood Healthy Fats

My particular childhood did not include healthy fats. I grew up in a time when fat was the enemy. Butter was rationed. I was allowed ONE egg a week. According to our government, these were responsible parenting choices.

These restrictions throughout childhood followed me for decades, right into the beginnings of Alzheimer’s. I had to learn new ways to get out of the mess my brain was in.

During my childhood, I had a favorite aunt. She had a stroke long before my memory of her during her healthy years. What I remember of her was this kind loving aunt who was paralyzed on one side, from her face to her toes. She had to drag half of her body around their farmhouse, always with a smile, where she often churned butter, the old-fashioned way.

Not only is pure organic grass-fed butter healthy for my particular brain in a physical sense, but it is also super good for me on an emotional level. Butter brings to mind sweet memories of this inspiring woman in my life that left a meaningful impression.

If you grew up in a time period when we were all flooded with the negative message of fats, move on. Our parents are no more to blame than the man on the moon. We are all constantly bombarded with incorrect messaging. It is our choice to grow up and learn the truth for ourselves. Use our brains, no matter how currently broken, to learn how to feed them so they can spark and light up our lives.

Dig Deeper, Learn More

The research is now out there to prove that our brains need healthy fat. In childhood, our brains NEED fat!!!!!!! Science and common sense come through again!!

The more we use our brains, the healthier they get. I remember the days when it hurt to think. I kept at it, one day at a time. The more thinking I did, the less it hurt. Studying a subject like healthy fats tend to exercise the brain while learning how to nourish it with fats. Use it or lose it mentality.

Eat Healthy Fats; EFA’s

Coconut Oil and Harvard Nonsense

Healthy Fats, Healthy Heart Lifestyle

Healthy Fats Grocery List

How LOW Cholesterol Can Harm Your Health by GreenMedInfo, Sayer Ji

Butter Science Database (abstracts on the science of butter) by GreenMedInfo, Sayer Ji

Get the guilt out of butter, enjoy pure grass-fed organic butter and calm your diet choices. When we are fed basic nutrients, our stress response lowers, and inflammation may back off. Nourish your body with what it needs to function properly.

Butter in your coffee or tea based morning drink: Crazy Good Keto Coffee

Chronic Illness Healthy Adventure

Thanksgiving is around the corner. Enjoy your butter with friends and family.

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