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Hang in there – Never, never give up.

Baby boy clothes hanging on the clothesline.

No matter how bad it appears, there is hope, even when we are having trouble seeing it. Winston Churchill said it best during one of our world’s greatest travesties.

“Never Give In, Never, Never, Never.” Winston Churchill 1941

There are no magical formulas for seeing hope. This is something we all have to find deep inside of ourselves and at the same time far beyond ourselves. When we have hard times it provides an opportunity to look deep inside, moving outside of ourselves to see the hope that is truly out there.

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Scent of life


Can you smell this from where you are? Smell is one of our senses which can transport us back in time with memories, both good and bad. Scent, on the other hand, is a distinct smell, especially one that is pleasant. I like the pleasant things in life so that is where I am going with my roses. Lately, I have used fresh-cut roses to bring my sniffer back to life. In an attempt to more fully embody I am working on my senses to see where it takes me. Roses seemed to be a logical place to go on this adventure.

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Rainbow Miracles


Rainbows are a reminder of hope, colorful beautiful hope. Have you ever tried to touch a rainbow? I have, it does not work. As you walk closer to a rainbow it gets harder to see, our perspective of it changes. My connection with rainbows are more meaningful from afar. They stop me in my tracks to take it all in and enjoy the moment. Whatever the problems, they seem to get smaller and are covered by the glorious colors of hope. There are scientific reasons why rainbows appear when and where they do but have you ever noticed that they show up at interesting times in our lives?

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Pity Party Plan

Portrait of sad mime couple crying isolated on grey background

Have you ever tried to suppress a pity party? Sometimes we can do that successfully, other times it stays with us or comes back to haunt us later. For the most part pity parties are a waste of time and energy. There are always exceptions and sometimes we just need a good pity party. As a Pity Party Person, I have come up with a Pity Party Plan. Personally I do not want to get stuck in a pity party. Not only is it not attractive but it stunts our growth. I love my Pity Party Plan.

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Coffee Labels

Coffee. Cup of steaming coffee with the real coffee ripe berries

Is coffee good or bad for you? You will find arguments for both sides supporting fairly convincing evidence. I have always severely labeled coffee as unhealthy until recently. Lately, I have explored what coffee might do for a body that never, I mean NEVER, drinks coffee. My experiments with this worldwide obsession have brought me to neutral ground. We all need to find what works for our bodies at any given moment.

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New Beginnings in Cyber Space

2017-06-05 BLOG-bigstock-Hands-Holding-A-Green-Young-Pl-104743976.jpg

Grow where you are planted! I love that saying. It generates hope. Even when I could not connect the cyberspace dots in my brain to produce results, I grew from the experience. The last 24 hours have been a ball. Just when I thought I was hopeless on the Internet, I located cyberspace. Not even beginning to understand that anyone could actually see my blog, someone hit the like button. A complete stranger made me the happiest person, thank you. It motivated me this morning to jump back in and see what I could fix out of the mess I made with my Internet project. I hit one button I have never hit before. Yes, it was ONE button that I missed that now has me up and running. It was the BIG button, the one right in front of my nose that I could not see through all of my frustration.

Now I am wondering what else I have not been able to see through all of my life frustrations. Every day presents an opportunity for new growth with a new set of eyes.

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…and there was light!


As I stepped away from my total frustration with computers and the Internet I found myself in the middle of a breakthrough. Instead of expecting perfection out of myself, I let it go. I did not give up, I just let it go for the moment. I accepted that in one months time I would not be able to learn everything I want to know to get to my Internet goals. Fellow perfectionists know exactly what I mean. We drive ourselves batty with this stuff. My guess is that we drive everyone around us a little batty with it as well. Just a guess!!

The breakthrough was exciting, fun and exhilarating. When one thing does not work, try another, The ongoing headbanging with endless bruises obviously is not working. Does not mean we are giving up on our goals, just means there might be something blocking those goals that we need to deal with. My block must be huge because I usually can figure out computer/Internet stuff. As I walked away from the computer I asked for peace and a different route to get to my goals. I know that my path is spot on for my life but sometimes the routes I take are not. 

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