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Create Your Own path

One small cherry pit can create stimulating wonders like this cherry blossom path full of beauty and sweet scents. Our lives can look the same when we believe we have the ability to flourish. Believing in ourselves creates a desire to walk down the path of life in the fullest sense. What does one do when you do not believe in yourself? How do you create that path? How can you get from where you are to a full flourishing life?

One step at a time is usually the best answer. Paths are meant to be taken. Have you noticed that the slower you walk on a beautiful path the more you can take in? The path of finding the best possible you requires baby steps, time and practice. You are already perfect just the way you are. In all of your disbelief in yourself, in all of your mess, you still are not broken or need to be fixed. There is nothing to fix, you are a human being with complexities, not a vehicle with an engine problem. There is step one, accept yourself exactly where you are and exactly who you are.

Creating a vision of what you want your life path to look like is a great second step. Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves that we have a hard time seeing our own qualities. If you get stuck on this one, get inspiration from people you admire. They do not even have to still be living. Who do you admire and what are their qualities that you would like to posses? Have you noticed that no one person possesses all of the qualities that you admire? We are uniquely made so no other persons qualities will look good on us. Don’t look to be exactly like another person. Look at what you find appealing in others in their character and personality to create your persona, of the real you. Allow it to change as you progress down your path.

I waver back and forth from wanting to be a care-free hippy to wanting to be a strong independent soul conquering the United States prairies of the 1800’s.  I am more that odd combination than I am either one individually. It changes as my life evolves. I have admired nuns for their dedication to God and church but it is hard to see a nun in me looking from the outside. Florence Nightingale comes to mind, always thought she had the perfect perception of a giving strong woman. I have never done well with the medical institution or blood so why would Florence be so enticing to me? Joan of Arc is a riveting story and life but I usually cave in when there is enough pain. Yet all of these people and era’s contribute to how I see myself which in turn creates my persona. I always want to be uniquely me but the assistance of good examples has helped me be me.

Who are the people you find attractive qualities in? What are your qualities that help others create good paths for themselves?

Maribeth Baxter, MBEC

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