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Rainbow Miracles


Rainbows are a reminder of hope, colorful beautiful hope. Have you ever tried to touch a rainbow? I have, it does not work. As you walk closer to a rainbow it gets harder to see, our perspective of it changes. My connection with rainbows are more meaningful from afar. They stop me in my tracks to take it all in and enjoy the moment. Whatever the problems, they seem to get smaller and are covered by the glorious colors of hope. There are scientific reasons why rainbows appear when and where they do but have you ever noticed that they show up at interesting times in our lives?

Recently a friend was returning from a difficult doctor’s appointment and she saw a rainbow. She was the passenger so she was able to roll down her window and take a quick picture while they were driving on the highway. That rainbow was located at the right place at the right time so that she would see it and be touched by hope. It helped to make her tired weary body a little lighter in spirit.

The last rainbow I saw was on a road trip back from Arizona several years ago. I was so taken by its beauty that I actually stopped and took pictures. I clearly remember it and I pull on that memory at times when a colorful thought is needed. It helps me reach past my own issues with Lyme Disease and see a bigger picture.

As we walk through chronic illness and pain noticing those tiny miracles can brighten our day and bring hope to a difficult situation. When our spirits are lifted we tend to breathe a little deeper and relax a little more. Life comes with its challenges so our goal is to find ways to create a relaxation response to lessen the load. Rainbows and tiny miracles help me get closer to that relaxation response.

When was the last time you saw a rainbow? Did you take a picture? Do you remember feeling a little lighter?

Many blessings and abundance,

Maribeth Baxter, MBNC (Certified Mind-Body Nourishment Coach)

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2 thoughts on “Rainbow Miracles

  1. Love some of these older blogs you wrote! 😊

    1. I know you notice the tiny miracles!! Hope all is well. I think of you often.

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