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Overflow to a Negative Friend

We have all had friends that are negative and suck the life out of us. We have had to learn how to deal with them and our own limitations. There are times when we don’t answer their phone calls just to avoid the drama. There are times when we are so depleted ourselves that there is nothing left to give much less to someone who will always take more than their share. Yet what do you do when they are a true friend and you really do want to show support and love instead of turning your back?

Choosing to utilize a moment when my own cup is overflowing seems to work for me. My desire is to always be there for my friends yet I fall pitifully short, especially with the ones who are negative. During a time when I have been blessed with abundance in my life and with extra energy I want to use it wisely. For me, it is time to contact a negative friend to spill some of my overflow of love into her life.

I am armed and ready with a full heart and a great reminder of ways to make this a success.  I follow this blog and he shared 5 Easy Steps to Deal with Negative People that came at the right time to remind me how to handle this. The steps are perfectly logical but putting it into practice is a completely different story. These particular five easy steps was the perfect amount of reminding to keep me in check so that the end result would be victory. We cannot control others but we can control ourselves.

Happy to say that phone call was a success!  I had the article in front of me in case I heard myself feeling or saying something that pulled me into the negativity. Giving to others is not always easy or fun. I like my new trick of testing the waters of a tender situation when I have an overflowing cup myself. I am grateful for the blessings I have received lately so that I could give some of it away.

Others needs do not always come at times when we have abundance in our own lives. It all seems like a balancing act but it is one worth doing. What I have been reminded of from this recent exercise is that when I have healthy boundaries, I do not get as depleted in my own life so that I have more to give others. People need people and sometimes people are messy.

What kind of things do you do to be able to give to others in a way that does not deplete you?

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