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Guys, Dig Roses!

Guys, have you considered buying your lady a rose bush instead of store-bought roses? Are you aware of the difference in scent and beauty? Are you aware that one bush can yield dozens of yearly roses, year after year? Did you know that one plant costs less than 6 store-bought roses? Did you know that YOU will be remembered and given credit for each and every rose that bush produces? Rose bushes can take as much or as little care as you are willing to put into them and still produce beautiful roses. The benefits are something to consider. The clincher is that you can buy them at your local hardware store or big-box home improvement store. Many of you are already there so you are running out of excuses. Dig a hole next to your door or in a pot and make your lady happy. Gals, do this for yourself as a treat. Easy and rewarding.

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Scent of life


Can you smell this from where you are? Smell is one of our senses which can transport us back in time with memories, both good and bad. Scent, on the other hand, is a distinct smell, especially one that is pleasant. I like the pleasant things in life so that is where I am going with my roses. Lately, I have used fresh-cut roses to bring my sniffer back to life. In an attempt to more fully embody I am working on my senses to see where it takes me. Roses seemed to be a logical place to go on this adventure.

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