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Beauty of the Mighty Oak Tree

Look again. Spot the benches to put this into perspective. The trees and fountain are massive but until you grasp the benches you cannot see it. What else are we not able to see until we slow down and put it into perspective?

This is a picture perfect sight in Savannah, Georgia at Forsyth Park Fountain. The beauty of two rows of mighty oak trees over a well-groomed path leads us to sit down. Take a moment to take it all in, have a reflective thought on one of the park benches with me. Sitting still on a pretty day, on a pristine path, with these mighty oaks providing shade and protection is a delight. It helps me to slow down and take several deep breaths. The fresh air is welcome in my lungs. I can feel the breeze that has been slowed by the trees. I can hear the water flowing in the fountain. The smell of spring brings back fond memories of children playing in the grass and oak tree in our yard. It is all picture perfect, very unlike some of the messes we get in. I just want to stay planted on my bench in my peaceful thoughts covered in the majesty of the mighty oaks. Not sure there is anything wrong with that. Those kinds of peaceful moments can bring relief, clarity, and perspective.

It is hard to believe that trees get that large. Most likely they are more than a hundred years old. In the scheme of eternity that is nothing, just a small mark in time. Yet, in the moment, it looks like they have existed forever. If you have not yet spotted the benches in the picture, take a moment to put it in perspective. If trees can be that massive and that beautiful then why would there not be something even bigger than trees to cover us in majesty?

Walking in a beautiful park and slowing down to soak it all in gets us closer to who we are so we can be more to others. Our cups need to be filled from time to time. We need to be filled with energy and enlightenment to be able to give freely to others. Our lives can get so filled with our current circumstances that we get lost in them. For some, that is busy lives and lack of time for others. For some, that is chronic illness and pain and lack of clarity. There are many circumstances that rob us of what we need to be of use to others. We have the ability to choose to slow down so we can be filled up. For some of us, this takes practice.

Take a moment to find a place that you find beautiful and peaceful. Sit down, literally sit down. No phones, no Internet, not even a book. Just be still and soak in what life has to offer. As we get filled up we have more energy to fulfill the tasks at hand which effects everyone our lives touch. For me, this does not come naturally. I have to work at it.

If I lived in Savannah, Georgia I most likely would be found during lunch hour eating my lunch on one of these park benches soaking up the richness of life. Remembering the sweetness of the past, dreaming about the possibilities of the future and then getting up and getting on with the moment at hand, today.

Where do you find a resource to fill your cup? How do you allow others to get replenished?

Maribeth Baxter, MBEC

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