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Thoughts, Traumas, Toxins

Thoughts Traumas Toxins -- moving into wellness

Lions tigers and bears, oh my. No wonder people get chronically ill. There are a lot of toxic things living life here on planet earth. It’s okay, we can clean them up, move them out, think better, make better choices, and certainly have better healthier lives.

Our thoughts create health and wellness or they create a toxic environment. Our past traumas create current reactions and darkness where parasites thrive. And toxins negate all of the goodness we are attempting to do for our bodies to get back to a state of wellness.

Although it may seem like we have a lot of things against us, and we do, we also have a TON of things we can do to move forward into wellness, into better lives.

It is a choice. Nope, I’m not going to fall for the excuses (I have already tried them for decades). The choice is to work our way out of the hole of dark thoughts, traumas and toxins or stay in that pit.

It is not for anyone to do it for us. This is something that every individual has to do for themselves.

It is not an easy task but this can be done. Had I not dug out of the darkest of holes, I would not have agreed that it could be done.

I’m not all the way out of my hole, but I sure am getting there. With creating an environment of “I can do this,” I have created a less toxin terrain in my body which leads us to wellness. When we are chronically ill, isn’t that what we say, “If only I had my health.” Well, let’s get on with it!!

Baby steps!!! It takes hundreds of thousands of baby steps to walk this out.

This is more about trauma and chronic illness if you have an interest. Not many escape trauma at some point in their lives. When we are chronically ill, there can be some trauma with it as well.

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