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Emotional Instability, Pandemic or Parasites

Whew, it is hard not to be touched by this pandemic, physically, emotionally and financially. It doesn’t have to overwhelm us but it is hard to avoid all of the consequences of it. How can we make this easier on ourselves, our nerves, our patience and the anger that arises??

We are faced with this pandemic whether we like it or not. Global health and economy are being turned upside down. Fear not, there are solutions to maintaining emotional stability — or getting back there again…

Diet matters — if your body is not being nourished properly, your mind and emotions don’t have a chance.

Outlook matters — if you live in fear, it will consume you. If you rise above fear and see hope even though it may not be obvious, you will be fine.

Relationships matter — stay connected with people any way that you can. Most of us still have Internet, use it. Learn new ways of staying connected because we all need others for our emotional health.

Parasites matter — Sorry gang but we all have parasites, no matter what country or conditions you live in. They change our emotional make-up, seriously, they do. Our bodies already have the parasite issue that is effecting physical and emotional health and then we add the stress of a pandemic, oh my.

A pandemic is a great time to do a parasite cleanse. Move those critters out while you are at home and near a toilet!! Your emotions will thank you. When you eliminate the unwelcome parasites, your emotions stabilize more than ever.

Give each other a break during this wild time, it just might be the parasites that are thriving in the midst of all of this stress that cranks up the anger, the bad attitudes, the outbursts.

Call a time-out instead of contributing to the upset. When someone has pushed all your buttons, declare a time-out instead of lashing back. There is a bigger picture to this pandemic and all of the issues that come with it. When it is all said and done, we still need people in our lives.

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