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Healthy Fats, Healthy Heart Lifestyle

We have been told for decades that, for our hearts, do not eat fat. We now have science-based evidence proving that was not the wisest advice. And this really is not new news, it is just new to those of us who believed the misinformation in the first place. The war on fat has the human race less healthy than ever. Let’s look at some of the facts and the history that got us down this wrong path. Continue reading Healthy Fats, Healthy Heart Lifestyle

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Grocery Shopping – Name Brands 101

Eating is a part of being human, one that I truly enjoy. Most of us get some of our groceries at a grocery store. And most of us get a bit confused about the options. When switching to a healthier diet it can get a bit overwhelming to understand what is what. Let’s narrow it down a bit.

Continue reading Grocery Shopping – Name Brands 101

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Chia Pudding & Mandarin Oranges

Party-friendly healthy treat. Enjoy the fun of eating healthy with chia, chocolate pudding, and mandarins.  Continue reading Chia Pudding & Mandarin Oranges

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Contagious Joy

True joy is contagious. Try to avoid it and see what happens. No matter how grumpy one is, set them near a joy-filled person and see what happens. Test it out for yourself right now. See if you can keep from having the contagious joy from striking you. Continue reading Contagious Joy

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Healthy Fats Grocery List

You know what you “should” be eating for healthy quality fats to benefit health but now it is time to put it into action and get it in your home. I have created a “grocery list” that lets you do everything online in a snap. Continue reading Healthy Fats Grocery List

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Slow Sundays – Christmas Eve

This particular Sunday is Christmas Eve. Slowing down for Christmas Eve just does not sound reasonable. As we work our way through chronic illness, we just cannot go at full speed. What would happen if you strategically placed a chair in the midst of the excitement area and camped out? With all the hub-bub, no one might even notice how still you are. Continue reading Slow Sundays – Christmas Eve

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Chocolate & Cranberries for Christmas

Oh, my stars this looks good. That layer of cranberry sauce between sweet luscious chocolate cake layers, oh my. Are you on a gluten-free dairy-free processed-sugar-free diet? This can still work for you too. There are SO many ways to have sweet chocolate and a bite of tart cranberries.  Continue reading Chocolate & Cranberries for Christmas

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Christmas Eating Stress

Have you worked all year on your body and your health? Has your willpower been strong and you have done well, until now? Are you stressed about the eating situation surrounding Christmas? Join the club. Continue reading Christmas Eating Stress

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Christmas FREEbies From Me, To You

My gift to you – FREE one-click downloads. Christmas PDF with beautiful ideas and pictures, recipes and using real food for a real taste during the Holidays. And a Christmas coloring book PDF. Both FREE. Both one-click; no email, no nothing. My gift to you. Many blessings and Merry Christmas.  Continue reading Christmas FREEbies From Me, To You

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CBD Oil; Legally

There is a buzz about CBD oil the last few years. The more people who find out how well it naturally works, the more the news spreads. So, what do you do if you do not live in a “legal state”?  Continue reading CBD Oil; Legally