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Heavy Metal Mentality

Heavy metals are everywhere in our modern culture. We are now also living with heavy metals in our bodies which are creating all kinds of troubles, for one, keeping us chronically ill.

Heavy metals have brought us many wonderful things that have made our lives easier through railroads, our vehicles, piping for utilities, housing, shopping malls, the Eiffel Tower!!! The list is endless.

Around the whole world, the land has given us a multitude of heavy metals for consumption to make our daily living a bit easier.


With that comes a price to pay. The mining of these heavy metals has taken a toll on miners paying a price with their health and their lives. The mines themselves have also created an unnatural source of pollution. We inhale and drink the minuscule amounts in the air and in our water. And we fill our teeth with it! On and on the story goes.

Here we are, in this day and age, with a long history of heavy metal mining and the use of metal in our everyday lives.

Now that we know so many of the downfalls of metal mining, producing, manufacturing and usage, we now know how to deal with it better.

“I did then what I knew how to do.  Now that I know better, I do better.”  ~Maya Angelou

Dental Amalgam Fillings

Metal dental amalgams fillings have become commonplace. They are now essential to remove, especially if one has become chronically ill.

If our parents knew back then what we know now, we would not have been dragged to the dentist to get them in the first place.

As with any generation, we learn as we go.

Here we are, living in a world culture with heavy metals everywhere. They have made their way into our bodies through amalgams, breathing pollution, drinking water, etc. What are we going to do about it? Metal has become a part of our everyday lifestyle.

Heavy Metal Mentality

  • We could go to war through politics or become activists.
  • We could feel like it is too late for us because we have lived in this heavy metal world too long, it surely is impossible to solve it.
  • We could go to war with our bodies and race to remove the heavy metals.

Those are all options. Everyone looks at it quite differently.

My personal heavy metal mentality is to deal with the personal issue from a health perspective so that we can move through chronic illness. Keeping heavy metals inside of us keeps us ill.

Yet, going to war with our bodies is not the mentality that I suggest. It creates strife and friction which increases stress, increases cortisol, increases heart rate, makes us fearful and keeps us stuck.

So how do we move through it with a mentality of kindness to our bodies and a world culture that is so entrenched in metal that we simply have to accept a certain amount of it?

Heavy Metal Gentle Removal

The first key is not to panic when you realize that heavy metals are a problem with our health. There is a ton of fear raging on the subject that can easily suck us in.

The second step would be to very carefully remove what we can from our bodies, VERY CAREFULLY.

When we panic, we tend to go to war and we tend to fight against our own bodies instead of gaining knowledge, taking it slow and staying calm with allows us to proceed with caution.

Depending on where you are on your health journey, you may be able to take a heavy metal detox binder that will help you remove heavy metals.

The problem is, if you move into that one simple step before your body has conquered other basic steps in a healing journey, you may stir up the heavy metals and have some significant issues.

Just because we have access to the Heavy Metal Binder does not mean that we should take a bunch of it and it will solve the problem.

If your drainage is not completely in force, the heavy metals have no way out of your body. Taking the Heavy Metal Binder might stir them up but your body will not be able to remove them. Proper drainage is essential for this process to work.

Patience Is Not My Strongpoint

I know, we all want to take a pill and be done with it. This simply does not work that way.

When we move through the steps, the results prove to be worth the patience.

Adding in the support supplements first helps to displace some of the bad stuff in your body, allowing the good stuff in.

For example, BioActive Minerals – Essential minerals help to restore deficiencies, providing critical support to the body. BioActive oxygen also provides the support your body needs to ease into heavy metal detoxing.

For example, drainage supplements to ensure that drainage is working most effectively to support heavy metal removal. Bowel Mover first, Kidney/Liver Detox second, then Lymph Detox.

Many people think they have their drainage working effectively, then they start something like the heavy metal detox and they run into problems.

Slow down, have patience with the protocol and you will have more success and fewer issues come up.

When your drainage is in full working condition, ready for a heavy metal detox, then go for it, but start slow and work your way up.

HM-ET Binder works best when on the full CellCore Protocol. PDF CellCore Support Protocol

I provide full support for anyone who wants information on the CellCore Protocol – I am one of the CellCore Biosciences practitioners, trained and have completed protocol myself.

Maribeth Baxter, MBNC (Certified Mind-Body Nourishment Coach)

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