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Chronic Illness Takes its​ Toll on Our Looks

Okay, so I survived the humbling (or is that humiliating????) experience of posting my first video yesterday. That was one of the top ten hardest things I have done during this last 6 years of the latest health crash. Guess I still have more vanity issues to work on. Now that I woke up this morning and realize that I survived the challenge, it is time to keep moving through this. Continue reading Chronic Illness Takes its​ Toll on Our Looks

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Getting Started, Story of Personal Chronic Illness Journey

Some of my best days while being chronically ill have been the days I hear your stories about your illness and the amazing stories you have shared. You asked for me to be more vulnerable and share more about my personal agonies and victories through decades of illness. You have also asked me to be more transparent and not sugar-coat the reality of chronic illness. Here I am!!!!

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Pumpkin Cake-Batter Delight

I love pumpkin anything!!! Pumpkin cheesecake is one of my favorites, but the dairy and gluten are not part of my healthy diet at the moment.  I love the creamy and smooth texture and taste of dairy, so I had to get around the dilemma. I combined a couple of ideas I found and invented a Pumpkin Cake-Batter Delight. No cooking, no dairy, no gluten, tons of creamy, rich taste. I even discovered a “crunch” for the crust.

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Using Lyme for Good, Avril Lavigne

Once in a while there are people who rise far above their diseases to make a difference for others who are suffering through it. In the last couple of days this has exploded. Avril Lavigne has released her new single called “Head Above Water.” It takes the depths of Lyme to create this kind of goodness that pours over others still struggling.  Continue reading Using Lyme for Good, Avril Lavigne

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Brownie Mix Gone Healthy

Embarrassed to admit I used to eat raw brownie mix from a box. There, I said it out loud. Now that I have moved far beyond the junk in my life, I have stumbled into the sweet memory of uncooked brownie mix licked from the spoon. Okay….. devouring the whole bowl, shhh don’t tell. Enjoy the transition and the sweet memories in a healthy way… Continue reading Brownie Mix Gone Healthy

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Coconut Oil and Harvard Nonsense

How did something as natural and ordinary as coconut oil get so controversial? There is a recent Harvard doctor who stirred up more nonsense on the harm of coconut oil. Let’s look at the facts.  Continue reading Coconut Oil and Harvard Nonsense

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Detoxing as a Daily Habit

Detoxification should be part of the body’s normal daily process. When we ate cleaner foods and lived in a cleaner environment, the body was probably able to keep up with the daily toxic burden. But for many of us, the toxic burden makes it difficult for our body to keep up. So, in theory, it is a great idea to give the digestive system, liver and gall bladder a little break to catch up on the detoxification process. This means, both mobilizing the toxins which are often safely stored in fatty tissue and helping to escort them out of the body so they are not reabsorbed. Continue reading Detoxing as a Daily Habit

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Restoring Function To Your Body, Use a Map

How well does your body function? Has disease and illness slowed you down? Has chronic illness brought your “fun” to a halt? Are your relationships suffering from the drain of illness? Is your work ethic being disrupted by lack of function? Do you ask yourself why you cannot function like you expect? A functional map can put you on a journey of a lifetime. Without the map, most of us wander to and fro without clear direction and get frustrated with our lack of function.  Continue reading Restoring Function To Your Body, Use a Map

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Music to Spark Healing

Are you so incredibly sick and so sick of being sick that you are stuck? Just plum stuck in the muck and hopeless? Not only have months passed but now years are passing and the muck of chronic illness keeps getting deeper and more depressing? At this point no pill or healthy food is solving much of anything? I mean so worn out and lost in the situation that there is not enough energy to take action to do anything, just plum worn out. Time to take NO action with something you don’t have to put any effort into. NO musical ability needed to take this action.  Continue reading Music to Spark Healing

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Vitamins E, F, G, H and Vit L

If you are not getting these vitamins into your diet you will not heal, simple as that. Not only do we need to consume these in large portions but we need to make sure our bodies are absorbing these specific vitamins so we can utilize them. These are the most cost effective vitamins you will ever find, anywhere. Continue reading Vitamins E, F, G, H and Vit L