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Pacing Ourselves Wins The Race

No clue why I cannot get this simple concept in my head and act accordingly. I keep pushing instead of pacing myself physically and the consequences are no fun!! My guess is that you are doing better about pacing yourself through your illness. Surely no one but me would keep making the same error this many times, right????

All of the activity from this week’s blogs happened in one day. I have taken 3 full days to remind myself (and anyone else who just cannot get this concept) that we must pace ourselves while on a healing journey. When we pace ourselves, the journey is smoother, goes more quickly and we are winners! When we (okay….me, I) push my body too hard, then everything slows down and it takes longer to heal.

Day 1 — Woke up feeling good, had a smile, a little bubble in my voice and a bit of a skip in my step as I made video 1. By the time I went on 2 errands and made video 2, I was getting droopy. Then I add an unrealistic walk at the end of an already overstressed day and think I can overcome. Instead, I made video 3 winded and completely insecure as to how I would walk back up the hill to my vehicle.

Day 2 — Once I got in bed after the walk yesterday, I crawled in bed and never left it. Still in bed all through day 2. Felt miserable from pushing too hard.

Day 3 — Still in bed, have not left. Body is overwhelmed from too much pushing. Here we are talking about taking a walk when I had NO business doing so.

Do as I say, not as I do. You can do better than my pitiful example the last 3 days.

To win the race, we have to learn to become slow and steady snails. Slowing ourselves down, listening to our bodies, slowly moving through it. Testing our limits is okay as long as you don’t do it as often as I do, too many setbacks.

This is becoming boring, old news. Walk with me…

Downhill was hard enough, got winded DOWNhill, how can that be????

Stopped to look at all the birds in the trees, that was fun and gave me a moment to rest.

Made it to the cemetery where I like to take a good a good laugh at death. Have come too close to death on this health journey not to be grateful for living through it. I like walking to the cemetery gates and getting a chuckle that I am still standing!!!! Okay, not standing well, but hey!

Took the two-minute video and thought I might not be able to ever catch my breath again. Then I took one small step at a time and made my way up the hill.

Couldn’t do it without stopping to rest several times. I stopped to visit the birds again on the way back up the hill.

Follow the light… Oh my, the last part of that hill is the hardest. At least I could finally see my vehicle.

Leaned on my vehicle to rest. I just could not drive home, was not possible. Sat down on the swing for quite a while to get my heart to calm down and stop beating out of my chest.

And then I was ready to drive home, crawl in bed and recover from yet another poor choice of pushing too hard. But it was nice to be outside in the beautiful sunshine and fresh air.

Now it is three days later and I am still in bed. Any regrets?? Well, yes and no. Yes, I know better and it is not wise to push so hard. But I really did have fun getting out of my house, my four boring walls and get outside. That part was worth it.

Don’t go batty, do things that stir up the monotony, but do it safely!!

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