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Avoiding Creepy and Gross Parasites

Parasites are gross and it is creepy to think of them in our bodies, yuck! The reality is, parasites are part of our global reality. If you live on planet Earth, you most likely have them. So it is time to move past the gross and creepy and move into reality and simply deal with it. We can do this in a way that keeps us in our comfort zones.

Whether one is a relatively healthy person or not, parasites most likely exist. Whether one lives in a clean environmnet or filth, parasites most likely exist. Whether one has traveled or not, parasites most likely exist. It is part of our human existence at this point. Let’s remove the labels that keep us from facing facts.

We have used all kinds of excuses to keep our distance from the uncomfortable subject of parasites. Let’s touch our toes into the subject and get more comfortable.

  • In general, testing is not going to be the end all determining factor if you have parasites. The testing cannot be fully accurate with critters who are released in cycles from the body, die before getting to the lab, and critters who disintegrate before getting to the lab.
  • Visually we will not always know if we have parasites because only 30% are visible to the human eye.
  • Physically we may not know we have parasites because either our bodies have adapted (for the time being) or our bodies are falling into chronic diseases that we are focusing on instead of the parasites. Treating symptoms does not remove the problems.

Walking With Our Comfort Zones

When I became chronically ill, I searched until I obtained a diagnosis/label/disease, then I attacked!!!! The diagnosis brought relief to me because I now could prove this was not in my head, I had Lyme disease on top of my heart condition, etc. So… let’s get on with attacking the Lyme and getting it out of me… well, that did not go so well.

After years of trial and error on my own body, training and education, I now know to take the proper steps, IN ORDER. Attacking a particular disease, like Lyme, did not cure the Lyme. It stirred it up.

The key to it was the missing link that I did not understand at the time. Parasites hold on to things like Lyme, heavy metals, viruses, infections, etc. Since they were holding on to problems inside of my body, the Lyme remained, the co-infections of Lyme remained, all the viruses and infections, pathogens, all that yuck was not coming out of my body so I was not able to create a body inhospitable to disease. Diseases took over my body.

This is when I had to get past the creepy and the gross and get on with the solutions and more education.

I know, it is so stinking creepy to think of these critters inside of us. I chose to rise above creepy and gross and get these critters out, taking with them things like heavy metals, viruses, infections, pathogens, etc.

Creating an Inhospitable Body to Disease

The easiest way for me to push through the creepy and gross was to envision how this would work inside of my body through a simple overall view.

When we have bodies that are hospitable to disease, we are more susceptible to disease, and therefore we get disease.

When we work on our bodies to create an inhospitable environment, disease cannot flourish. As we keep building up our bodies, they become more inhospitable to disease.

As we build up our bodies, our immune systems start to kick in better which in turn start taking care of invaders.

To make my body inhospitable to disease, I had to do a thorough parasite cleanse not only to remove the parasites but to remove what they were hanging on to (hiding) that was keeping me chronically ill.

As the parasites were being eliminated, my immune system very slowly started kicking in better. It was no longer overwhelmed with dealing with so many parasites, it now could work on other invaders.

Keeping it that simple allowed me to accept that I had to walk through the creepy and gross and basically get over it.

How Creepy and Gross Do We Have to Go??

YOU get to decide. This is your body, your life, your health, your tolerances.

I am not one to go to disqusting things, but when push came to shove, I was willing to explore just a little of the creepy and gross so I knew what to do next. As I dug into the science and the education part of it, it became more fascinating to me. As my body has responded so well to the protocol, I have gained a tolerance I never thought I would have for the conversation.

How did I move through being grossed out by it? One step at a time.

Give me a pill and let me ignore what is in my body. I started the protocol and took the pills!!

When I accepted that this was the missing link to creating an inhospitable body for disease, so that I could see hope for a future without disease, I was more than willing to take some pills. The protocol has brought back others lives, I wanted a future and a life too.

I am on a natural path so I require natural substances for my healing journey. I am also one of those hyper-sensitive people who reacts to everything, so everything has to be pure for my body to accept it.

This protocol more than met my personal standards for pure, natural ingredients. Many of the ingredients in the protocol are organic. With my standards met, I could envision nourishment entering my body in a way that encouraged critters to come out.

Keeping it all so very simple and within my comfort zone allowed me to dive into this protocol without freak-out.

Now that I have done the protocol, have studied it, have received training in it, I am thrilled to be helping others through it. I want others to take less time and expense walking through their health journies than I did. The resources are now out there to get through this and get back to living life!!

While chronically ill, it is advisable to take things slow instead of jumping into the full parasite cleanse all at once. You already have health issues so we want to respect where your body is and not overly stress it.

Phase OO puts the good stuff in to support the body while preparing the body to move the bad critters out. Simply start low and slow, increase slowly then work toward the next step. There is nothing creepy or gross about adding pure minerals and biomolecular oxygen.

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