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Fear, Calm, Boring Drama of Chronic Illness

Fear, calm and boring can all be rolled up into one day in the life of drama for someone with chronic illness. Nuts, but it is true. You know it because you are living it out as well. There can be complete boredom with the fear and drama of illness. And do we really need to hear again to “just be calm?” How can we walk through a single day with all of this nonsense?

Fear Sneaks In

There will be times during chronic illness that you experience fear. Heck, I have had more than a few times that it has snuck in. There have been times that it has grabbed me by the throat and choked the snot out of me.

It is so easy to say, “just be calm.” It might be true but it gets dang annoying after a while. The more we are lectured about being calm, the more we want to rip someone’s head off. Okay, we would never do such a thing but the frustration can heighten even with the nice reminders to “just be calm.”

I listened to my own video for today and wanted to stick a sock in it!!!!! We already know that we should be calmer. Yet the drama of chronic illness is so intense at times that we cannot reach the state of calm.

It’s okay, it is all okay.

Doing your best is success. Let the rest go.

Chronic Illness IS Drama

Drama is part of chronic illness, cannot get around that one. We all have different tolerances and skills so we will all deal with the drama differently.

I have not looked up chronic illness in the dictionary lately but one of its definitions surely is heightened drama.

Rolling with the drama will get us down the road faster and better.

Chronic Illness IS Boring

I never experienced boredom until I became chronically ill. It is so monotonous that I find myself recounting the ceiling tiles.

The limitations of illness keep us more still than usual, it keeps us isolated more than we could ever imagine, keeps us lonely and desperate enough to make friends with the UPS man.

We know all the tips, tricks and ideas and none of them even begin to touch the boredom that settles in.

Even our own story becomes boring to ourselves after a while.

Each day brings a new set of fear, calm, boring and drama all rolled into one. As our minds race around in these circles, just know you are not alone in this.

Just simply getting through the day is enough for some days. Let that be. Accept it as a success that you are still alive and get a chance at another day.

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