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Anxiety & Depression Relief

anxiety and depression

It is extremely common to have anxiety and depression during chronic illness and pain. Sometimes the anxiety and depression can be more debilitating than the illness itself. The situation of illness including anxiety and depression can become a loop that is hard to get out of. The illness causes physical issues that can cause anxiety and depression which isolates us causing more depression which makes us physically sicker which creates more anxiety and-on-and on it goes. Very difficult loop to get out of but it can be done.

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Expressing Love to Someone Who is Suicidal

expressing love to the suicidal

Suicidal people are humans too, needing love from other humans. Taking away some of the stigmas of suicide and viewing the suicidal as precious lovely people, real people, we can express unconditional love. Instead of ONLY passing off the difficult situation to someone else’s responsibility, can we also look at our own resources that we can give to those during a crisis.

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Be So Polite, You Are A Delight, Getting A Grip

get a grip, be so polite you are a delight

Recently I told someone this; You are so polite, you are a delight. I am watching myself react to someone who has never said a cross word to me. I would jump through hoops to help this person. How we treat others matters. No matter how ill one gets, getting a grip on how we speak to each other makes a difference in our healing journey.

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