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Be So Polite, You Are A Delight, Getting A Grip

get a grip, be so polite you are a delight

Recently I told someone this; You are so polite, you are a delight. I am watching myself react to someone who has never said a cross word to me. I would jump through hoops to help this person. How we treat others matters. No matter how ill one gets, getting a grip on how we speak to each other makes a difference in our healing journey.

Been there done that; been so ill for so long, in so much pain, that I was grumpy, no doubt.

This isn’t about blame, its about working through it.

The longer we are ill, the more practice we get.

The most effective way I was able to move through it was to sit on my hands (since I couldn’t sit on my lips)

Sitting on my hands during difficult communications, reminded me to proceed with caution. Or even not speak at all if that is what it took.

If I failed, I forgave myself and kept trying.

I speak with very ill people all day long. Some are naturally kind. Some are not nice at all. Some at least try. Some don’t care. Some have been at this long enough to speak with caution and treat me with the utmost respect. I care about all of you the same. We are all at different places and I am cool with that.

Paying Polite Forward

I love it when I am on the receiving end of many of you that are polite and bring so much delight to my life that I hope to pay it forward.

When someone pours that kind of effort into treating me with respect, I am fed. That nourishment gives me additional strength to treat the next person I encounter with more patience and respect. Even if they don’t show it to me. Makes NO difference. Paying it forward means giving your resources to someone who most likely is undeserving. At some point we are all undeserving.

Then that kindness, respect and politeness feeds that person. And hopefully they will treat the next person they encounter a bit better.

And on and on it goes.

Delight someones life, be polite, even if you are ill.

And when we mess up, which we will, say we are sorry and try again. No biggie. This is life and we can all get along with a little effort.

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