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Anxiety & Depression Relief

anxiety and depression

It is extremely common to have anxiety and depression during chronic illness and pain. Sometimes the anxiety and depression can be more debilitating than the illness itself. The situation of illness including anxiety and depression can become a loop that is hard to get out of. The illness causes physical issues that can cause anxiety and depression which isolates us causing more depression which makes us physically sicker which creates more anxiety and-on-and on it goes. Very difficult loop to get out of but it can be done.

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Panic or Anxiety ​Attack vs Physical Overwhelm

Ever been so physically overwhelmed that it didn’t matter what you called it, it STUNK??? Anyone with almost any illness clearly knows physical overwhelm. We have to stop and deal with whatever. Sometimes panic or anxiety attacks kick in and they are quite different but they cause a physical overwhelm. Sorting it out a little can help us navigate social situations so we are not so isolated while we are chronically ill.

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