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Brain & Walnut Shape, Nourishment for the Brain

brains and walnuts, look-a-like nourishment clues

Once in a while healing foods come in the shape of the organ they are meant to nourish and heal. If you cut a carrot, you will see a shape of the pupil and the rings around it. We have heard for decades to eat carrots for eyesight. Pomegranates are the shape of ovaries and they carry healing properties for such. What about our brains? Walnuts look just like the human brain and have nourishment for healing it.

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Cheerful Sunflowers for Nourishment

growing in cheerfulness, in nutrients, in health

Sunflowers are my favorite flower because they are so cheerful. They have also got to be the easiest flower to grow. Grow the right variety and you can eat your own sunflower seeds. Whether you grow sunflowers yourself or head to the store for a bag, they have nutritional value that you don’t want to miss. If you eat what is alive, you become alive.

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