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Cheerful Sunflowers for Nourishment

growing in cheerfulness, in nutrients, in health

Sunflowers are my favorite flower because they are so cheerful. They have also got to be the easiest flower to grow. Grow the right variety and you can eat your own sunflower seeds. Whether you grow sunflowers yourself or head to the store for a bag, they have nutritional value that you don’t want to miss. If you eat what is alive, you become alive.

During chronic illness, we need easy-smeasy. We need some fun and we need to see growth, life evolving and moving. When we can see growth, we tend to think of growth. We do not have to get stuck in chronic illness, we can move out of it, we can grow and evolve into a healthy body that is no longer hospitable to disease.

Sunflowers are so easy to grow and produce so much change so fast that I thought this would be fun. There is still time to get a sunflower to grow before the next frost.

Easiest Flower To Grow

I don’t have much of a green thumb but I can grow a sunflower because they are so easy. After Springtime, find a spot that gets at least 5 hours of sun a day. Then stick a sunflower seed into the soil about 2 inches deep and watch the amazing growth.

If you pick the right variety of seeds, you will be able to enjoy the sunflower seeds as a snack after you experience the fun of growing it.

  • Helianthus annuus ‘American Giant’
  • Helianthus annuus ‘Russian Mammoth’
  • Helianthus annuus ‘Mammoth Grey Stripe’

For support, stake the stems. This seriously can be as easy as …

  • inserting a bamboo stake and clip it as it grows
  • planting next to a chain link fence or post and gently tie it as it grows

Use sunflowers to attract birds, bees and butterflies-they are great for pollinators while in bloom, and their seed heads can be dried and set out for the birds during winter. 

Grow sunflowers to inspire, delight and educate children. Kids are amazed at how quickly they grow and how enormous the giant types become.

Sunflower Seed Nutrition

Or… you can just go to the store and buy a bag of raw organic sunflower seeds to snack on while you dream of running through a sunflower field. During chronic illness, daydreaming about sunflower fields seriously encourages your body to calm and become inhospitable to disease.

The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.

~ Ann Wigmore

Sunflower oil for reduction in breast cancer – NO, not the junk sunflower oil. Find the pure organic kind for its health benefits.

Sunflower seeds for PMS – Foods with higher levels of thiamine (B-1), include sunflower seeds can reduce PMS.

We observed a significantly lower risk of PMS in women with high intakes of thiamine and riboflavin from food sources only. (foods include sunflower seeds can reduce PMS)

~ GreenMedInfo

Triple up on nutrients, eat raw organic sunflower seeds, receive the nourishment from the sunflower plants, AND get Vitamin D from a sunshine field.

Sunshine, of course, is the easiest and most natural way for getting sufficient vitamin D levels. So, get outside and watch a sunflower plant quickly grow before your eyes.

Dig Deeper, Learn More

Seeds, powerful science for a simple food ~ GreenMedInfo Science-based research Database on SEEDS

Enjoy food and the nourishment it gives you to grow out of chronic illness. It is only part of what it takes, but diet plays a significant role in our health. Might as well enjoy nutrient dense foods.

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