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Spies and Wireless, EMF History

EMF history

Can we tie EMF’s all the way back to the late 1800s? Was there a plan for free worldwide electricity? Who invented the wireless? Did spies from America, Britain, Russia, and possibly Germany all get involved in a well hidden EMF history? Can the New Yorker Hotel house the greatest EMF source of all time? Setting all conspiracy theories aside, there is some interesting EMF history that bends the mind. This is a fun one that can enlighten your EMF knowledge bank. Find out who and what gave us over 80% of our technology today with EMF’s.

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Take Back Your Power

We are a smart population, certainly smarter than smart meters. When we keep it simple, we can make informed decisions that will improve our lives, helping us to walk out of chronic illness.

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Getting a Grip on EMF Exposure

Getting a grip on the basic concepts of Electromagnetic fields (EMF) will help you troubleshoot some chronic illness symptoms. We don’t need to be obsessive about it.  Awareness of the situation provides the right amount of action that is right for your situation. There is a balance to everything in life.  Continue reading Getting a Grip on EMF Exposure

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Sleep Struggles

The “how-to” sleep articles are all helpful but I am struggling with sleep again. How do we know which sleep articles to follow? It is taking some methodical manipulation to conquer quality sleep. Everyone is so different and circumstances are different that there is no black-and-white list that applies to all. Quality sleep is so crucial to healing from a chronic illness that I am willing to stop, regroup, and figure this out. When all else fails, use my brain!! Continue reading Sleep Struggles

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Smart vs Analog Meters – Your Health, Your Money

Chronically ill people are going to have to step up and check out their homes for smart meters. Smart meters are supposed to be “smart.” Do you believe everything you hear? We need to consider the source of who is telling us that they are smart and then activate our own brains to look at the facts. It never crossed my mind until I became chronically ill and could not recover from my illness to actually look into this. You may have a “smart meter” on your home, even without notification. Have you looked at your home electric meter? Do you know the health risks?

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