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Take Back Your Power

We are a smart population, certainly smarter than smart meters. When we keep it simple, we can make informed decisions that will improve our lives, helping us to walk out of chronic illness.

I am not a political activist, nothing about me has been or will be an activist on any political level.

What I am, is a human with a brain, able to sort out some basic information to make wise choices and take back basic power for my particular life.

What I have been, is a chronically ill individual being forced to figure out what contributed to it so that I could walk out of illness/disease alive.

Instead of becoming hyper-focused on any one single issue, I have realized there are several issues that affect our health so intensely that they need to be addressed to be able to walk out of chronic illness.

Exposure from electric and magnetic fields (EMFs), are greatly affecting our health.

By learning the basics, we can find ways to make choices that improve our health, providing benefits to help us walk out of chronic illness.

Basic EMF Concerns

  • Cell Phones, Computers, etc.
  • Power Lines
  • TV’s
  • Microwaves
  • Even hair dryers have EMF’s
  • Smart Meters (our focus in this blog)

What are the safety limits for health? Get educated on the basics so that EMF’s are not contributing toward your health issues.

Take Back Your Power

“…exposre to free radicals (EMF’s)… trauma to blood cells… the only variable is the smart meter… the patient and the blood can return to normal once they have been removed from these stressors…”

~ Take Back Your Power

Don’t Add Stress – Keep It Simple

When we learn new info, sometimes we can overly stress from infuriating facts. The stress is adding to our chronic illness!!!!!!!!

Grab the facts, enough to catapult you into action to take back your power over your health. Then let the rest go, for now. Give your body a chance to recover from the onslaughts like EMF’s.

Action Step – walk outside and locate your electric meter. Is it digital or analog? If it is analog, it is a “smart meter” that you can-opt of through your electric company. Smart vs Analog Meters Your Health Your Money

Get Angry Later, Not Now

If you become hyper-focused on one variable of chronic illness, you will not be able to juggle ALL of the variables it takes to walk out of chronic illness.

EMF’s are a hot topic, as are vaccinations, etc. You might later become a powerful advocate but if you cannot walk out of chronic illness, you cannot be effective.

Let the infuriation, the anger, the bitterness over what all these things have done to our health go. Let it go until you have recovered your own health.

The stress of hyper-focused examination does not serve you well while chronically ill. Yet, blind passiveness also serves no purpose.

Basic education is necessary so that we rise above following-the-crowd mentality and regain our own health.

Mafia Payment, Or Common Sense

One statement was made in the movie that we should not opt-out of smart meters because that is paying to NOT be harmed, and “that doesn’t work.” It is like paying the mofia to have a business.

I beg to differ. Although I agree with his general statement, think it out. If you do not choose to opt-out of a smart meter, YOUR health may suffer. You might get stuck in the chronic illness loop because of the EMF factor.

Standing on principles sometimes lands us on our butts!!!! Pick your battles wisely. You want to win the war of chronic illness and regain your health.

It stinks to have to pay to opt-out of smart meters, I agree. Yet, if we do not fight for our health by opting-out and actually paying for it, how are we going to get our health back so that we can go on to become advocates for others who are ill???

Don’t Numb Up or Dumb Down, Use Our Brains

Chronically ill people are some of the smartest people I have ever known. They are activating their brains to get out of the mess. They know that there is no magic fairy who will come along and carry them out of chronic illness. They have to make the choice of using their God-given brains, and they are doing it.

Grab some more basics to motivate your actions to get out of this chronic illness loop:

Protection Against Effects of Radiation

This is so simple and inexpensive it is almost scary. A simple powerful spice can help protect us against the effects of radiation. You have the power to include this spice in your diet.

Household Spice Protects Against Radiation Treatment’s Horrible Effects ~ GreenMedInfo

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