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Smart vs Analog Meters – Your Health, Your Money

Chronically ill people are going to have to step up and check out their homes for smart meters. Smart meters are supposed to be “smart.” Do you believe everything you hear? We need to consider the source of who is telling us that they are smart and then activate our own brains to look at the facts. It never crossed my mind until I became chronically ill and could not recover from my illness to actually look into this. You may have a “smart meter” on your home, even without notification. Have you looked at your home electric meter? Do you know the health risks?

Utility companies around the world are replacing electric, gas and water analog meters with pulsed radiation smart meter networks, which are costing us money, privacy, and our health and safety. It is fairly straightforward to determine what has been installed on your home. Only on the very rare occasion will a smart meter say “smart meter” on the device.


Smart Meter

Any utility meter that contains electronic components.

Analog Meter

Do not accept anything less than a purely electro-mechanical analog meter with no electronic components.

This is actually not new news. Universities, homeowners, sick people, doctors, researchers, scientists have been up in arms about this for years. There are four main issues with a smart meter as I see it; political, economic, environmental and health issues. The health issues need to be highlighted to help us recover from chronic illness.

Political issues due to “Smart” meters

Look at who is telling us the smart meter is good for us. Who has the most to gain from smart meters and a smart grid that has been proven not to benefit the consumer? Follow the money!

“Communities have been misled about the need for the new meters, in an effort that only serves the short-term bottom line interests of utility and meter companies while burdening ratepayers with an extraordinary range of risks and new costs.” – Dr. Mercola

“Former CIA Director James Woolsey even has said that on security grounds alone, the new grid design is ‘…a really, really stupid grid.'” – James Woolsey

Economic issues due to “Smart” meters

Even though we have been told that smart meters will save the consumer money, that has not been the case at all. Look into it for yourself and find the unending complaints of outrageous utility bills after “smart” meters were installed.

Environmental issues due to “Smart” meters

Fires are only one of the environmental issues. Fires, explosions, and appliance burnouts are being caused by “smart” meters.

Health issues due to “Smart” meters

Dr. Klinghardt is world renown for his work on chronic illness and electromagnetic radiation. This video is 43 minutes but well worth the watch; fascinating science and practical suggestions.


There is an excellent movie called Take Back Your Power. If you have Amazon Prime it is FREE.

“Utilities around the world are racing to install “smart” utility meters, which are emerging as anything but smart. Josh del Sol’s award-winning feature documentary TAKE BACK YOUR POWER uncovers shocking evidence of in-home privacy invasions, increased utility bills, health & environmental harm, fires and unprecedented hacking vulnerability… and lights the path toward solutions.” – Amazon Prime

Have you walked outside of your home (house, apartment, condo, duplex, you HOME) and looked at all of your utility meters to determine if you have any smart meters?

Maribeth Baxter, MBEC

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