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Overcoming Food Chaos During Chronic Illness

overcoming food chaos during chronic illness

Food easily turns into chaos during chronic illness. There are too many “rules” for the perfect diet. And who makes those rules?? And who says there is one “perfect” diet for everyone to follow??? Overcoming food chaos during chronic illness calms our bodies which allows for an easier healing journey.

As a certified mind-body nourishment health coach, this stuff matters. I have been studying and applying this aspect for 25 years.

Yes, what we eat matters greatly. Yet, when we become chronically ill, we can overcompensate and go too far.

Food chaos does not provide nutrients, it bombards us with stress that keeps us ill.

It matters how legalistic we can get during illness with our diet. It matters how much food chaos we put ourselves in and how much we allow from others.

I know, there are many twists and turns to chronic disease and diet is a major issue.

Yes, there are times that we might be fighting for our lives and every single bite of food has got to matter, for our lives. I have been there. Fighting to stay alive, you bet every bite mattered. This is truly a time when the “rules” apply for the moment. To save a life, step up and help yourself or a loved one fight disease through nutrients in food. Food as medicine!!!

When it is not life threatening, take a breath, step back, take a moment to think this out.

I know there is a ton of pressure in the natural community to follow all the rules or it becomes your own fault you are ill. Letting that pressure go can help to calm your body down. Your body is as unique, there are complex issues and needs.

The more you do not get sucked into food chaos, the easier it is to get the nourishment you need from the food you eat.

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