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Squeaking Along, Keep Moving Slowly

cycology of chronic illness - keep squeaking along, keep moving slowly

Does it feel like you are barely squeaking along? Chronic illness has you moving slow, feeling awful, bogging you down, unbalanced and overall yuck galore???

Enjoy the Squeak!!

Believe it or not, the squeaking along is a good sign. It means you are still alive. That is worth celebrating.

Tuning into the squeak, the slow roll of the wheels, can be a song in your ear. It can create a sense of very slow movement.

Slow can be the best pace ever. If you had a choice of healing taking twice as long but sticking, would you accept the slow movement better?

Just because we live in the 21st century does not mean that our healing journey has to go as fast as the pace of our current culture.

The squeak means life is still happening. Healing is still an active component of your life. Keep oiling the wheel with a healthy lifestyle, one that dives deep enough to get to the root causes of illness and disease.

Keep squeaking along. Accept that slow just may be the answer for some of us to walk through chronic illness and out the other side to health and wellness.

Cycology = Psychology on Wheels

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