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Food Fights, Love Food Not War

food fights = raise stress, raise cortisol, lower digestion, lower nutrient assimilation; love food not war

How many times have we gotten into a food fight with ourselves or others? We will never always agree on what we “should” eat. The more we fight about it, the more stressed we get. The more stressed we get, our hormones get disrupted, our nutrient level decreases and stay stuck in chronic illness. Love on people and real food, not war.

I know, food easily becomes a battle during chronic illness. The more we fight it, the harder it all becomes.

You know what I am talking about. Trying to sit down to a meal with the looming food fight hanging overhead and knowing that you are not chewing, you are just swallowing. You know you have not digested the meal because you are too stressed over the battle. You will never win the war that way.

Family and friends and colleagues will never always agree with our food choices. Shoot, we don’t even always agree with our food choices.

The more we battle it, the higher our stress gets which lowers nutrients we should be absorbing. Our cortisol raises with the stress and we can crash from even the healthiest of diets in the midst of a war on food.

Give yourself permission to take the food fights out of your struggle. Love on yourself, your choices and your particular situation. Pour love into the food that you chose to eat, in how you choose it, how you prepare it and how you sit at a table peacefully enjoying it.

Give yourself permission to stand up for your food choices. Others will have to adapt. Obviously those in abusive relationships have a different set of obstacles but do your best and let the rest go.

We have no control over what others opinions are about our food choices. We do have control over taking the fight out of it. Do your best and let the rest go.

To walk out of illness, we have to come to terms with peaceful food choices, however that looks for you. It will be different for everyone. And we all need to give each other a break because we are not walking in another’s shoes. Providing support to others in their food choices can be one of the greatest gifts in this generation.

May all of you be blessed with love and not war,

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