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Kiwi Nutrients & Fun

kiwi nutrients and fun

When was the last time you had a kiwi? They are such fun and sometimes a forgotten fruit. Kiwi can be used to create a kid’s edible paradise to oral health. We take the fun out of fruit, let’s put it back in.

Wouldn’t you prefer seeing your kids eat the fruit instead of the junk?

Serious, a kid’s edible summer paradise…

Kid or not, that would be a fun treat.

Natural Sugar – Sugar Spike Tips

During chronic illness, you may be concerned about the natural sugar in fruit. Sugar cravings come whether we want them or not during illness. Always remember, if you are going to reach for something sweet, fresh fruit is always better than processed sugar.

To help with sugar spikes, eat nuts and seeds and/or a fat like coconut cream with your fruit. Yogurt or shredded coconut are also good choices to help with sugar spikes.

Kiwi Smoothie

Smoothies have been all the rage for the last decade. Rightly so!! We can pack and hide nutrients in them… so add a kiwi to any smoothie you make.

Kiwi don’t have a strong flavor at all yet they do have a bit of sweetness to them. You most likely won’t even notice them in a smoothie and if you do, you will like it!!

Fuzzy Kiwi Skin

The fuzzy texture of kiwi fruit is strange to some, but the skin contains triple the amount of fiber as the fruit. Not peeling the skin also provides more vitamin C.

  • In a smoothie, you will never notice it.
  • In a salad, you most likely will not notice it.
  • Kiwi fruit cut up and eaten fresh, you will notice, but you will get used to it and come to enjoy it.

Buy organic fresh kiwi and wash with a natural soap before eating.

Kiwi Tree

Known in ancient China as Yang Tao, the kiwifruit earned its way in that culture not just for its flavor, but also its medicinal properties.

Green kiwis ripen on a tree. Kiwis on a branch. Healthy. Rich in vitamins.

What fruit provides 273% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C in every one-cup serving – five times that of an orange, and is a natural immune booster that staves off colds and flu? It’s kiwifruit, of course! Its vitamin K amount is impressive, too – best known for its role in helping blood clot, or coagulation, properly and providing an 89% daily value.

~ Dr. Mercola
Kiwi fruits

Oral Health and Kiwi

Anything we can do to support our oral health benefits our overall health. Remember, oral and gut health are directly linked to disease. By supporting your oral health, you are making your body more inhospitable to disease.

GreenMedInfo – Kiwifruit consumption reduces gingival inflammation ~ PMID: 29520772

Support your body with real food for real health. By being aware of the sugar in fruits, you can offset the sugar spikes and still get the untold nutrients from fresh fruit.

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