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Dealing With Frustrations

how we deal with our frustrations

All I FEEL like doing is coming unglued because of the ongoing computer issues. I want to scream some days, other days I want to cry, many days I have to simply give it up for the day and retreat so I don’t let the stress knock me off my bum. What do you do when you hit a roadblock? How do you deal with the stressors of life? Have you learned that the stress is not worth your health?? Scream, cry, or laugh???? I am finally ready to laugh because I care more about my health than I do my goals or progress in other areas. So, come laugh with me…

We know that stress plays a significant role in our health. To walk out of chronic illness, we must learn to deal with the stressors of life because they will come!! It is so easy to preach stress-reduction but when the rubber meets the road, can we really do it?

I have not been so successful at managing the ongoing stress of a broken computer these last 6 weeks. Something has to change. Usually, I can find humor in the worst of situations but I sincerely am NOT finding this funny in any way. Even as I am writing about it (again) I am getting steamed.

So, what is my true problem. Is it the computer. Heck yes, darn thing barely lets me do anything and I cannot do my normal work. Functioning in any normal way is NOT working.

Hummm, so is it truly the computer’s fault or is it the lack of control???

I don’t like that thought, so I am going to take a chainsaw to my computer. It surely can’t be MY fault that I am so stressed over this. Let’s take it out on the computer.

Do I really look that ridiculous in my anger at a black box?

Ok, so I am not smart enough to know how to fix my own computer. I need to accept that one. Even 12 hours on the phone with Apple tech support has not fixed it. So why am I even having a thought about a lack of computer skills? Not only has Apple tech gotten stumped, but they have also called in their “senior supervisors” and their “engineer” support and none of them have figured it out.

It is a lack of brains and common sense to even think that I am “not smart enough.” Get over it MB.

Well, okay. I will accept that the best of the best cannot even fix it so it has nothing to do with MY “not smart enough.” But that does not solve the problem at all. Still, I have a computer that will not function fully and is grinding my work to a snails pace.

I want to scream, NOOOOoooooooooooooo…. this cannot happen… NO, this will NOT happen…

Hummm, I am starting to smile, just a little bit. Not ready to actually laugh about anything yet, but there is an itty bitty smile.

Dang computer. I am still stressed and still on-edge because, well, let me think about WHY…

Could it possibly be that I am so stressed about this because it is not only a stressful situation but I have lost what little control I had??? Humm, let me ponder that one.

So, after 7 years of intense chronic illness and tremendous loss in my life, all of which made me feel totaly NOT in control, now the computer is gnawing at me more than it “should.” Could it possibly be something more than a black box called a “smart” computer that is creating so much stress over this??

Okay, I give, YES, it just might be the fact that I have struggled and struggled and suffered and worked and clawed my way through chronic illness and now THIS happens. I don’t “deserve” this. It is not “fair.” I have lost the last tidbit of “control” of my life.

Whine, whine, whine. Complain, moan and groan. WhaWhaWha.

This is life. Life is not fair and never comes with any guarantees, except there WILL BE challenges to overcome.

It is 100% up to me to control my own stress levels and if I don’t get a grip on this, it will affect my health AGAIN.

Time to walk away from the computer stress and go paint some more of the kitchen. I actually like painting. It is something that helps me feel like I have a little control over SOMETHING. Changing the color of a room brightens my day and brings a smile to my face. It doesn’t fix my computer but it is one of the stress-reduction tools which works for me.

THEN I will be able to call Apple AGAIN and keep trying to troubleshoot the problem because the problem still exists. I just need to be able to deal with it in a less stressful manner.

Whahooo. I can do this. Okay, so I am still not sincerely laughing at the situation but I have taken a deeper breath, regrouped my thinking, called a time-out to go paint and calm myself down. I have more of an “I can do this” attitude than when I started my day. And that is good enough!!! That is enough success to create at least a smile.

I will choose to accept that my exact goals have to be put on hold because there are issues that are out of my control, again. I will choose to rest in reality and try to be peaceful about the situation, for the sake of my health.

We are not capable of changing everything and the biggest takeaway from chronic illness that I got, was to be more willing to accept that reality.

Sometimes illness is inside of us to teach us better stress management skills, for our own good.

If I do not practice this myself, day in and day out, then I certainly cannot coach y’all how to do this.

We are all humans, on a very real and human path. It gets messy, not just sometimes, most of the time. It is okay.

I am ready to paint some more of the kitchen and ready to smile. How are YOU doing with the stress of your day?

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2 thoughts on “Dealing With Frustrations

  1. Laughing does a body good!! Keep painting away Maribeth!! 🤣😂

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, needed it. I can see your smile from here!!!

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