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Greening-Up Our Home

Our “environment” starts with our bodies, minds and our immediate homes. When we green them up, we contribute to a greater good of our global health. Using renewable resources like bamboo is wildly simple and clean. Ill or not, it is a great idea. Let’s go down the bamboo path for a moment…

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Cheat Sheets Directions

An idea is not good unless we use it. Let’s get down to details, how are we going to get our beds made while being chronically ill?

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Too Hard to Make a Bed, Cheat Sheets

We can get so ill that we feel imprisoned in our own bedrooms and stuck in the yuck of our sheets. How in the world do we make our own beds when we are in them all the time and we don’t have the energy or the strength to make them? We cheat the sheets! Chronic illness can keep us from doing a lot of things but there are usually ways around the necessities of life, like clean sheets.

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Sweeping & Mopping for the Chronically Ill

Yep, we have a unique way of sweeping and mopping when we are chronically ill. We can only do the best we can do which usually is not as thorough but it gets it done. The easiest way I know how to keep my floors clean is pace myself and using the easiest tools I can.

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