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Cheat Sheets Directions

An idea is not good unless we use it. Let’s get down to details, how are we going to get our beds made while being chronically ill?

Ahhhhh clean sheets. Sounds so basic unless you are ill and struggle though it.

Clean sheets are part of keeping our spirits high and the yuck-and-muck off of us.

Tips, Tricks and Ideas

  • Have two pair of sheets so you are not waiting to go back to bed
  • Have two mattress pads…
  • Give up on ironed sheets while you are still struggling with making your bed
  • Do NOT tuck in the fourth quarter of the fitted sheet — it is the hardest, takes the most energy and is the most frustrating
  • When you are making your bed and you get tired, stop, rest and then go back at it later if it still needs to be done
  • Wash the dirty set of sheets and mattress pad the next day so you do not wear yourself out the day you made your bed

Come on, we can find success…

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