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Greening-Up Our Home

Our “environment” starts with our bodies, minds and our immediate homes. When we green them up, we contribute to a greater good of our global health. Using renewable resources like bamboo is wildly simple and clean. Ill or not, it is a great idea. Let’s go down the bamboo path for a moment…

Once in a while something so obvious just slaps me in the face. I have been watching this new decorating series. It opened my eyes to bamboo throughout the home in ways I never knew existed.

Pure Design is a 2019 series available through Amazon. Its focus is on sassy, style savvy, and Earth friendly home design. Bamboo kept jumping out at me. No, not making my home LOOK Asian. Instead, using bamboo as a material for all kinds of things.

Did you know that there are now bamboo mattresses made out of bamboo fibers? What about bamboo flooring from the bamboo species that is the most dense and durable? Shades, fabric, and upholstery fillers are also options. I was happy with my bamboo tooth brush! Had no idea of all this other stuff.

Because bamboo is a renewable resource (grows easily and quickly) it is the perfect material for our planet’s health. It is bio-degradable, unlike plastics and metals, so it does not load up our landfills. Most of all, it is good for our health. When locating natural bamboo items, we are not bringing unnecessary chemicals into our homes. I am not seeing any down-side to bamboo.

Bamboo Forest

What little I know about bamboo is that their roots can take over a yard very quickly and can be difficult to manage. Anyone with a green thumb can figure this out much better than I can.

So, what about a bamboo forest? They are beautiful and they provide the materials needed for our daily living inside a green-friendly home.

Japan, China and Thailand seem to have beautiful bamboo forests, some for sight-seeing and some for crops for bamboo materials.

Bamboo scaffolding still widely used in construction in Hong Kong, instead of contemporary metal scaffoldings.

Bamboo Scaffolding

Bamboo is so strong it can even be used as scaffolding. This one made my jaw drop.

So, it makes sense that there would be some species of bamboo that are better than others for things like flooring that take a beating.

Old brown tone bamboo plank fence for background.

One Item At A Time

During chronic illness, we usually come to accept that we have to be more aware of the health of our home as well as our bodies. Yet replacing everything to the healthier version is too expensive while in the heat of finances with illness.

One step at a time…

If we take it one step at a time, it is doable. We can replace hazardous and toxic materials in our homes with healthier versions. Bamboo is only one healthy alternative.

My healthy bamboo kick started with a bamboo toothbrush. When my old plastic one needed to be replaced, I did so with a bamboo toothbrush, they even have charcoal bamboo toothbrushes!!

One step at a time means we reduce stress over thinking we have to solve everything overnight. There simply are not enough finances to do that for most people, especially during chronic illness.

Go to your local nursery and see if they have a bamboo potted plant. It can help your air quality inside your house while you ponder on the bamboo subject!!

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