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Watermelon Smiles & Dribbles

watermelon smiles and dribbles

Oh my stars, watermelons make me smile. All the fun is not just in the refreshing sweetness, it is also in the dribbles and giggles of the mess. It is simply fun. Don’t like getting messy yourself, watch a kid indulge in a watermelon slice.

During chronic illness, it is not the time to indulge in the super sweetness of a juicy watermelon. But…

  • If you still have processed sugar in your diet, replacing it with a slice of watermelon is a wise choice
  • If you are at a group function and cannot resists a sweet, grab the watermelon instead of processed sugar
  • If you are with friends and family and feeling the pressures of the food issues, grab the watermelon, not the junk
  • If you simply want a smile from a comfort food and feel comfortable with it, grab the watermelon

Everything during illness does not have to be black and white. There are times when it does one more good to enjoy the sweetness and let the giggles and dribbles fly.

Picking A Watermelon

I have a pet peeve (imagine that)!!!

Seedless watermelons don’t make any sense to me. Watermelons naturally come with seeds. I understand why some are annoyed at the seeds but to reformat a natural source of food because of annoying seeds, hmmm. To me, I would far more prefer the seeds than a reconfigured melon. I want my food pure, natural like it was intended.

Organic is always best when picking any fresh produce. If organic cannot be found, then making sure it is not GMO is second best.

Have you ever tried a yellow watermelon? Give it a shot, they dribble down your chin just the same.

Your local farmer’s market is a fun way to get your hands on a good watermelon. Usually, your local farmer will carry on the conversation about how they grow their crops. They might not be certified organic, but the conversation with them will help you make a wise choice about what you are eating. You simply don’t want all the chemicals that have been contributing to our declined health, world wide.

Some farmers advertise for watermelon picking. That way you are going out into their fields and picking your own. Doesn’t get any fresher than that. And it is a fun outing.

Also, think about the cost of purchasing a watermelon from a grocery store chain. They are shipped in, creating all kinds of cost at the expense of the environment and your wallet.

Dribble & Giggle

During chronic illness, we need as many giggles as we can get. Grab friends family neighbors anyone who is willing to giggle with you. Slice up your watermelon and let the dribbles begin.

Knocking & Cutting A Watermelon

Watermelon Sticks

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