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Our Unique Spirit

We all have unique spirits that makes the ride of chronic illness a bit different. When we find our unique spirit, we can ride through the healing journey instead of getting stuck in it. Do you know what your unique spirit is? When you find it, do you know how to use it for your own good?

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Treat Yourself Like Someone You Love

How do you treat someone you love? Usually, we are kind and loving, giving, put their needs above our own, etc. Okay, so we don’t get all that perfect all the time but you know how you desire to treat the ones you love. How do you treat yourself? Are you kind to yourself? Do you take care of your needs while you are chronically ill? Are you gracious in your attitude about yourself? Are we treating ourselves like we would treat someone else or are we rude, unkind, name-calling, and not stepping up to take care of basic needs?

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