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Treat Yourself Like Someone You Love

How do you treat someone you love? Usually, we are kind and loving, giving, put their needs above our own, etc. Okay, so we don’t get all that perfect all the time but you know how you desire to treat the ones you love. How do you treat yourself? Are you kind to yourself? Do you take care of your needs while you are chronically ill? Are you gracious in your attitude about yourself? Are we treating ourselves like we would treat someone else or are we rude, unkind, name-calling, and not stepping up to take care of basic needs?

My guess is that some days you are very good to yourself and other days you put your basic needs on the back burner for the sake of others. I would bet everything that some days your self-talk is actually decent towards yourself but other days you rail on yourself more than others would imagine.

No matter where you are in this, be encouraged. Find encouragement anywhere you can get it.

When I became a new mother I was told that it takes 17 positive actions to undo one negative action toward a child. Same with hugs. It takes 11 hugs a day to overcome the negativity children endure throughout a normal day.

Makes no difference if the numbers are right, the concept is spot on whether one is a child or an adult.

We all need encouragement and the world is filled with negativity.

Add chronic illness to an already generally negative world, and we have to be the ones who step up and find some of our own enouragement.

It is out there whether we have family or friends or not. If you are isolated and are not getting your daily dose of encouragement, FIND IT YOURSELF!!

I know, life “should” not be that way. Stick the “should” in the trash can and find your own doses of encouragement.

Good Things In, Good Things Out

While we are chronically ill, and especially while we are in isolation, we have to find our own nourishment.

It is common sense that good food IN creates better health. Obvious nourishment.

Nourishment also comes in the form of encouragement. We all need it, one way or another.

When we do not get enough to overcome the negativity in our world and in our illnesses, we get stuck.

Find ways to nourish yourself with encouragement if you have no one to help you with this. You can do it. Step up for YOURSELF.

My guess is that you would do it for someone else if you could. So do it for YOURSELF.

“Treat yourself like someone you love.”

Do you need immediate encouragement? Here is a 4-minute dose of pure encouragement to love yourself, your body and your mind no matter what you are going through. You are priceless and worth taking care of your health. Lyrics – click here

Love Yourself by Khari

Matthew McConaughey — This is why you are not happy – Eye opening speech

Not encouraged enough yet? Go find some of that nourishment. Cannot find it or cannot feel it, then give some encouragement to someone else and you will feel encouraged by the exchanged.

Keep filling yourself up with good stuff!!

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