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Coffee Labels

Coffee. Cup of steaming coffee with the real coffee ripe berries

Is coffee good or bad for you? You will find arguments for both sides supporting fairly convincing evidence. I have always severely labeled coffee as unhealthy until recently. Lately, I have explored what coffee might do for a body that never, I mean NEVER, drinks coffee. My experiments with this worldwide obsession have brought me to neutral ground. We all need to find what works for our bodies at any given moment.

The smell of coffee is a delight to me, always has been. Yet I literally NEVER drink it. I took one sip as a teenager and could not fathom why people would drink such a thing. Decades passed and my teenage son worked in a coffee shop while he was in college. So off I went to show him my support by having a cup of coffee at his new job. It did not go so well. My heart rate soared. My body immediately made it clear that coffee was not my thing and I could not take even one more sip. My desire to show support to my son could not overcome how badly I felt physically. In my mind at the time, this verified that I would never join the ranks of this world-wide coffee obsession.

Some of us literally are so sensitive that we cannot handle caffeine. I actually found out that I had a food sensitivity to coffee even though I have never drunk it except those two times in my entire life. With that knowledge, I continued to stay away from it. Then something very interesting was presented to me. Change, simply changing what we normally do in life can stimulate additional healing. Change things up, what a simple and fun concept. I no longer have the food sensitivity to coffee and my health has improved by leaps and bounds so I took on the challenge of changing things up. A little wary because of my last reaction to coffee, I started with one cup once a week. That went well and it gave me more energy in those days. My mind was slowly changing that coffee might have some health benefits, for me.

With success drinking weekly coffee, I decided to drink it every morning for an undetermined amount of time. The first few days were great and I grew to actually like coffee the way I was making it. No dairy, no sugar. I researched quality coffee beans so I had mold-free organic beans. Daily I made fresh nut milk to use as cream and I added ghee and a quality protein powder. My high-speed blender whipped it up so that I had a frothy creamy wonderful drink every morning. All seemed to be going well until day 8 when I guess it all became too much for me. My heart started suddenly racing again from it. I was actually disappointed because I had joined the ranks of understanding the coffee obsession.

This morning I am back to my tea based hot drink in the morning with loads of healthy ingredients. Have I completely ruled out coffee, of course not. I just need to listen to my body and what it is saying to me on any given day. Our bodies change throughout life and our bodies are different from others. We are all made uniquely and what is right for one person might not necessarily be right for another. What is right for us when we are teenagers might not be right for our bodies throughout adulthood.

Final conclusion on coffee – it is neither good or bad. There is scientific evidence supporting both sides. We need to listen to our uniquely made bodies to find our own answer for the moment.

See the uniqueness of all humans and enjoy the diversity! How are you different from others?

Many blessings and abundance,

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