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New Beginnings in Cyber Space

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Grow where you are planted! I love that saying. It generates hope. Even when I could not connect the cyberspace dots in my brain to produce results, I grew from the experience. The last 24 hours have been a ball. Just when I thought I was hopeless on the Internet, I located cyberspace.

Not even beginning to understand that anyone could actually see my blog, someone hit the like button. A complete stranger made me the happiest person, thank you. It motivated me this morning to jump back in and see what I could fix out of the mess I made with my Internet project. I hit one button I have never hit before. Yes, it was ONE button that I missed that now has me up and running. It was the BIG button, the one right in front of my nose that I could not see through all of my frustration.

Now I am wondering what else I have not been able to see through all of my life frustrations. Every day presents an opportunity for new growth with a new set of eyes.

Most days have started with great hope to be dashed with disappointing obstacles then uplifted with new insights to keep me plugging away through my own healing journey. There have been way too many dark days intertwined with glorious breakthroughs both in body and mind. Slowing myself down and taking this one step at a time has created a better path to get through my health challenges.

Chronic illness and pain have no easy answers. There is no one magic pill to take. There is no one natural remedy that fixes all. No one doctor has all the correct answers. No friend or loved one can provide for all the needs that come up. It is a journey that gets clogged up when we try to cheat the process and take shortcuts.

Just like my infrared sauna experience. I had the head knowledge that infrared saunas help all kinds of health conditions, Lyme Disease, in particular, responds very well to it. I did my research, learned the facts, read the stories. I even found more information than what a human brain can process.

Did you know that many experts say that you should drink water while in the sauna and the same amount of experts say not to drink water while in the sauna? Many say that exercise before a sauna treatment is beneficial and just as many say that we should be as calm and still as possible before a sauna treatment. The Internet is a fascinating place but it can put us into information overload. It is like trying to pick out a toothpaste in a superstore, too many choices that boggle the mind.

For one reason or another, my body was not ready to fully benefit from infrared sauna treatments. No doctor could explain it to me and there seemed to be no logical explanation but the fact remained, my body was not cooperating with the process. No doubt there was a reasonable explanation but the best I could come up with was to wait, be still and wait until it felt like it was time to try again. I have always gotten ahead of myself and this was just one more example of when I needed to be still.

Sometimes we need action and sometimes we need to be still. Sometimes we produce growth best when we are still. My cyberspace problems created a roadblock that led me down a path of better understanding how I needed to address my sauna issues. Growth occurs in the most unusual ways. The twists and turns of life have always amazed me.

How are you growing where you are planted? I really would like to know.

Many blessings and abundance,

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4 thoughts on “New Beginnings in Cyber Space

  1. Awesome!

    1. Thanks, this is fun. MB

  2. Loving your writing!! I floundered for about a year before I came back to writing… God is so gracious along the way to keep nudging us and encouraging us. Keep plugging away, there is blessing to be found in obedience. :)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement and for your insightful writings. Glad you came back to it.

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