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Brownie Mix Gone Healthy

Embarrassed to admit I used to eat raw brownie mix from a box. There, I said it out loud. Now that I have moved far beyond the junk in my life, I have stumbled into the sweet memory of uncooked brownie mix licked from the spoon. Okay….. devouring the whole bowl, shhh don’t tell. Enjoy the transition and the sweet memories in a healthy way…If any of you have done this before you know exactly what I am talking about… the brownie mix never made it to the oven!!! A box of brownie mix, the deliciousness of it all!!!

I have a precious daughter with a sweet tooth just like her mama. We used to do this and the smile on her face was worth all the guilt of such a poor choice. Then it was time to move back into the healthy choices that still have the taste of those sweet memories of her smile.


I stumbled into a healthy version of “brownie mix” on accident. This was way too simple. I make my Crazy Amazing Chocolate Pudding a couple of times a month.

I was using up some ingredients in my cupboard and it just happened. I dumped in the rest of the jar of raw almond butter of all things. Remember the raw brownie mix and the grainy texture? Well, the raw nut butter provided the “grainy” texture. How bizarre is that??

Almond Butter With Almonds

Nut Butter

All I did was add the raw organic nut butter. It is more grainy than processed nut butter. The one in my cupboard was almond nut butter and it worked perfectly. Try other raw organic nut butters and see what happens.

Cocoa Powder In Spoon On Black Slate Background

Cacao Powder

I also added some extra raw cacao powder to make it thicker than the pudding recipe.

Assortment Of Nuts In Wooden Bowl. Cashew, Hazelnuts, Walnuts, A


If you like nuts in your brownie mix, add nuts!!! Using raw organic nuts keeps the recipe healthy and tasty. Walnuts or pecans are usually the favorites with brownies. Cashews or almonds is a fun twist.

Bowl with aromatic cocoa nibs, closeup

Chocolate Chips or “Nibs”

If you like chunks of chocolate in your brownie mix, add them!!! Using organic chocolate chips or raw organic cacao nibs keeps the recipe healthy and tasty. Remember that chocolate chips have a high sugar content. I like to control how much and what kind of sugar I put in everything so I stick with the cacao nibs.

Dark chocolate pieces, cocoa powder and cocoa beans

Chocolate has so much more to offer

“Chocolate” is only one of the many treats that the cacao bean has to offer. Explore more about Chocolate vs Cocoa vs Cacao.

Small bottles with aromatic vanilla extract on table


If you like vanilla extract, add it. Using organic vanilla extract keeps the recipe healthy and tasty. It adds a bit of smooth sweetness to the recipe.

Brownie Or Chocolate Cake Raw Dough

Food Texture

Sometimes our food revolves around its texture, not just the taste. My Crazy Amazing Chocolate Pudding with the texture added made it the perfect healthy raw brownie mix. Play around with it to get your “pudding” into the texture you are used to in your raw brownie mix.

Chocolate Mousse With Almond


Brownie Mix Gone Healthy Recipe

Place all ingredients (except cocoa/cacao powder) in blender or food processor and blend. Then slowly add the cocoa/cacao powder.

Taste test. You can always add more sweetener if you need to.

Scoop into individual glass bowls.

Sprinkle with organic raw mixed nuts and / or chocolate chips and / or cacao nibs.

Enjoy the healthy twist of the yummy favorites!!

Don’t take the joy of eating out of your life, take the stress out of your life!

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